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A certain "boss" at the end of the penultimate level... that bit mentioned only applies to the unlockable extra mode, however ;)

Hi!  If you return to a level you've beaten, there are hints on the checkpoint select screen - depending on which checkpoint you select, one of the eyeball spaces will glow, indicating that the corresponding item may be found someplace within the vicinity of that checkpoint.  Otherwise, I can give more in-depth hints if you want to get more specific~

I much appreciate it!  Thank you!  Thank you for the review as well - I will actually agree, as I found when replaying this during final testing, that it might indeed be more fun to save all the secret levels until after you've beaten the main story once, heh.

Thank you for your kind words!  And yeah, I learned while making this that doing alternate versions of bosses isn't as easy as it seems, especially final bosses, hence why I had to throw in a little something extra there. :)

You're welcome, and thank you for playing!!

Thank you so much for your kind words!!  This is SO greatly appreciated - means a lot.

While I never aimed to mimic a certain console style when making this, I really like that you came up with the Genesis comparison - despite taking much of my inspiration from Nintendo, I was in fact more of a Sega kid during that console war in the early nineties!

Thank you, I appreciate it!  I'm glad to see those who remember my old fangames finding their way here. :)

Thank you all for your replies, and for helping this (sort of) newbie out!  It sounds like updating the page is the way to go after all.  The bit about "major update" dev logs is especially good to know, along with the thing about collections (huh, it turns out I'm in quite a few).  All very, very good things to know.

I have checked the project guidelines, and from what I've read, I'm assuming that creating a new project page for a completed free game, one which already has a demo up here, isn't breaking any rules - but I'd like to make sure.  I would also like to ask the community: is this a good idea or a bad idea?

I have a few personal reasons for wanting to start a new page - for one, I was initially a tad reluctant to release a demo (long story), meaning I kinda just dropped it here casually and without any real promotion.  Ratings, comments and such were not enabled for that release, so I don't think there is really anything that I'd lose from it if I created a new page.  Also, this was back in 2021, around when I had originally planned to release the game - though back then I wasn't planning on actually releasing it on this site.  I had plans to have it published, but it soon became apparent that wasn't going to work out, which in turn took a toll on my mental health, leading me to distance myself from any further sorts of promotion.  Two years later (and finally starting to feel better), it might now look like my project is dead after said lack of promotion and updates, when that couldn't be further from the truth.

So basically, I want a fresh start, I suppose one could say.  I'm aware that newly uploaded projects appear in a "most recent" list, which I feel could be beneficial to regaining any visibility I may have lost since uploading the old demo.  However, if that is either considered poor practice and/or etiquette, or something that would prevent my game from getting indexed, I'd like to know.  I'd also like to know if there are any benefits to just updating the old demo's page, if there are any in my position.

I am planning on releasing my game sometime early next year.  It will be completely free, no donations or anything.  Thank you for your time!

Addictive and weirdly wholesome!