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Wow, that is a huge family!

So do we! Unfortunately, we can't promise anything at this point.

Haha, no. It's not a very difficult style to pull off. Probably why the Kurzgesagt artists used it for their animations.

Thanks for checking!

Thank you for the feedback! We are looking into more features for a potential full game.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for your suggestions. These are already ideas on our list for if we ever develop Noble further. So should that happen, you can expect them to be a part of the game!

Nice! You kept it going really long. What did you like the most about the game?

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Thanks for your feedback! We've thought about this before and in the current version it's not really feasible. But maybe in the future we can do something like that.

We are considering it. Not being able to remarry will force players to select the spouse carefully. However, remarrying might save a player from losing a game out of pure bad luck.

I don't think inheriting spouses will ever be a thing. Moving characters around the tree would cause quite some tricky issues. Also, I don't think it's something a lot of players would expect, and the features we add have to be chosen very wisely based on work vs impact.

Thanks for your comment. As a developer, this is always awesome to hear. Good question. I believe, the original plan was that they're the smartest, but we never got around to giving this an impact in the game. So for now let's say they're the most balanced ;)

It's a late reply, but I want to make it anyway. The UI is indeed a bit unintuitive and we want to improve it in the future. You can actually zoom out, using the mouse wheel (or pinching on mobile devices).
It does matter which other houses you marry from since they have very different genetics which can have an effect on your family's offspring. But yes, it still misses a decent long-term goal. 

It's not released yet. You can follow us on social media and or wishlist it on Steam to stay up to date.

Thanks for the thorough feedback! We might add more stats in the future.

The chance of death due to health reasons is genetic. So if someone dies early, you probably don't want them to have too much offspring ;)

If you're using Chrome or similar, you can just right-click the tab and select "mute site".

Thanks! Good suggestions for sure. We will discuss the options and directions we are going for soon.

Thank you for playing! We will look into the camera bug. Some difficulty spikes are a bit harsh still so we are considering updating the flow a bit to adjust this some more.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! We're considering expanding the game in the future. What kind of other activities would you expect?

That's a good score, well done.

Did you enjoy it, though?

Sorry, unfortunately not. Maybe it helps to clear your browser cache for the site.

Thanks for your suggestions and interest in the game!

The initial version that is currently in development is for PC, Mac, Linux and consoles. After that we will look at the mobile version (which will be different in quite a few aspects).

We are internally testing a different flow for the levels and adding some extra content and fixing and tweaking.
Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!

Thank you for the bug report! We will look into it.

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We aren't actively working on the game right now. So the core is still as it was after the game jam. We might revisit it to turn it into a more full experience in the future after we finish current projects.

We do thank you for your continued interest and return though! If enough players are interested in buying a full version of the game then we can spend more time on it!

Each house and character has different genes. The skin tone is one of the gene attributes but is not linked to anything else in the game (so not part of the goal for the player). Even though the game was made in only 48 hours we did find it important to add some diversity. We would love to expand on that even more in a potential future version of the game. The actual winning goals that cumulate into the score are: Years you manage to survive, number of family members, average lifespan, oldest family member times the number of generations. 

Thanks! Maybe one day it will become a standalone game...

Both interesting options we will consider in a future version of the game!

I think you might have unlocked hard mode instead...

We appreciate your enthusiasm! Feel free to join the SCHiM discord server to engage more with us and others about SCHiM. We still have quite some development ahead but we do interact with the community. We will also eventually do some playtesting with members of the community!

A very nice score!

We will look into creating some instructions in the future. For the original game jam, we were out of time and left it at the original experiment to learn.
Thank you for the feedback!

Cool, thanks for sharing the card approach!

We've also been thinking about expanding this game with a ruler mechanism but haven't had the time to truly look into it yet.

Check out the musical geniuses behind the soundtrack:

Menger & Meester

It's absolutely possible! But you'll have to predict a little bit.

Well done guys, so polished!

It's added now, see above!

You're not supposed to enjoy and discover things XD

Well done! Loved watching it!