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I had a blast making the music! c:

It's nice to see all the little creative memories you created, and the secret message surely is worth the work :)

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I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, the enemies are a bit of a problem, because while one of them was originally going to charge at you, that kinda didn't properly work and made for immense lag so I had to change it last minute


Glad you like the changes! :D

It's just a very short story, but I did want to give the game a bit more meaning behind where you want to go and why you lose after dying too often, so I'm glad you liked that^^

I have now removed some (not all!) invisible walls and cleared most of the paths hidden by clouds or made it clear where you are able to pass through them, so it should be clearer now!

I also reduced the amount of HP, speed and attack strength you lose after dying!

Thanks! I just finished the changes, btw! They should be up in a minute!

The Minisense then only hurts you in a specific radius and the path to go is made more clear! :)


How exactly were they completely disjoint from each other?

There are a few invisible walls to guide your path but e.g. the clouds, leafs, whatever they are, do not have a hitbox on their own.

Although I do get how that may be confusing...

I'll try to make it a bit more clear where you're able to go and make death not as bad as it is now!

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The 'clouds' (which were supposed to represent tree leafs but I failed on doing that correctly lol) were supposed to give you hints on where to go BUT covering your path, but it seems that it'd be better to show more, you're right.

About the 'brown guy', Minisense, that's actually something I hadn't thought about but it would make the gameplay way better. I just wanted the player to kill him because otherwise he'd always hurt you, but maybe that's a bit too hard to get. But I don't think if I'm too big of a fan of this 'running away'-gameplay, y'know? I'll think of something, for sure!

Thanks for playing and giving me your feedback! :D

A bit too difficult at times, so I didn't finish it, but what I saw I quite enjoyed :)

Hey! So, let me try and answer all of that^^'

1- Yup, sometimes it is a bit weird which is the case because this is the first time I have created where you possess of a bullet, so sometimes it doesn't work fully as intended.

2- That is the entire point of them. Once they hit you, they stay in place and start damaging you. To stop them from doing that, you have to kill them.

3- I personally think that the concept is not bad, I just did not have enough time to think it through enough, so I didn't really do that much with the concept. It was just really difficult to get a good and well thought out idea that makes use of the limitation, but I get that it may make things too hard :/

I personally did not notice that it went too hard, but as a developer, you obviously don't. But thanks for your feedback, I'll try to find a way to make it a bit less hard (even if it's just giving you more HP) and to give the concept a bit more depth! :D

That's the whole point of the Mini Jam. You get the theme beforehand, but there's a limitation that you're only told at the start of the jam. But hey, next time you'll know better :D

Wow, you're game idea sounds like a better version of mine

Guten Tag!

Thank you once more!^^

Working hard to make the game fun for everyone! :)

My problem when making games is that I want to provide the player with a challenge but not make it too hard. However, when I know the solution, I feel like it's too easy and tend to make it harder ;-;

Thanks for your feedback! :D I myself am a bit sad that I couldn't get enough ideas to make the mechanic work perfectly, that's actually why I made that "Go right, go a bit left, Jump, go right mid-air" so it feels like the abilities go hand in hand, y'know?

The passage on level 2 was hidden because I wanted to seperate the levels more from each other in their own seperate ways of being hard

Yeah I guess that's true, especially since it comes out of nowhere^^'

I'm glad to hear that you seemed to enjoy it^^

Really liked the idea and especially the humour! The combat itself kinda reminded me of Undertale in the first stage, because you have to dodge the foe's attack! You also didn't make it too repetitive by adding new abilities, although I didn't even use the slower time^^'

I'm glad you like it!^^ And yeah, the time limit is also partly so tight becuse I always speedrunned it using that method^^'

A very unique take on the theme! Really liked how relaxing it was^^

About the first long jump: I never really bothered to take it out because there was an easy skip probably nobody noticed^^'

About the background: Yeah, I didn't really get that to look as I wanted. What really bothers me tho is that it turned out so dark, I had to make the characters lit up to pop out, destroying the original character design^^'

And finally, about your first point, potential: I really liked the base idea I had so I plan on working it out to a full game later on!

Well, guess the game was right then, you didn't know about the time limit

I don't know how many levels I already played and how many are still to come, but man, this is a very well done game! Especially within 48h. Nice concept, fitting the theme, the sleepy music fits the calm energy and the title of this game perfectly!

That's why I plan on finishing it at some point in the future^^

No one did. No one did.

I'm glad you like it... and hate it^^'

Very cool idea!

Thanks! I'll do my best^^

It's actually really hard to notice, that's why we chose to do it

Actually, we didn't do any voice acting, it's all made with Google Text to Speech!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for your feedback! I added in the Sticking mechanic because it would make the game a little bit harder to control and give it a bit more originality, and due to the fact that I only managed to finish just three levels, I couldn't implement it into the puzzles as much as I would've liked to^^'

Thanks for the positive feedback! That is actually what I wanted to do but I didn't finish enough levels sadly, but that's something the post jam version will feature!

I'm very glad to hear that you liked the game!

Oh yes I remember playing this on my phone, this game is awesome! i actually replayed it several times!

Thanks for your feedback! Whenever I'll finish the post jam version I will add more levels so it doesn't get too hard too soon