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EXOK games

A member registered Oct 10, 2020

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Very nice game

Nice game, I had fun

It is a good game. I had fun playing it , however the enemy bullets are coming from offscreen sometimes which is a problem. 

how is it related to the theme?

Good Job buddy

enjoyed the game

I did not know what to

A nice first game

I could not last for long.

The Presentation is very nice

It is a fun game.

A very nice concept,However I was uncomfortable with sound effect

A very nice try overall

A very nice game, but it gets boring if played for longer

Nice game loved it.

Try making the start a bit faster, it takes time to reach the zombies

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A fun game , I enjoyed the game a lot.

The mechanic is simple and easy to play, the introduction to new mechanics is very nice.

However, the text in each level is tough to read as it long and the level starts automatically. 

It would be better if you could add move to start.

Overall a very good game loved playing it and I had fun

A very fun game

I enjoyed playing your game

The game is simple and fun to play, a very fun game overall

and my highscore is 762

Can I use multiple sprites and join them to make a new sprite?

Can I use pixel art for the ASCII codes?

I have my timer as a core mechanic.

but i did not add any timer for level.Is it ok?

I suggest you to download Godot...

I am a 14 year old...

Godot is easy to understand and to learn

And this is my second Game jam...

have tried the downloaded version

Nice game overall

With fantastic music

I loved the Music 

It is amazin

Web versio

not able to open the game