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Thank you so much for your comment and appreciation. I am happy you enjoyed the experience, and thank you for playing. <3

Thank you for playing and taking the time to leave a comment <3

You’re welcome, I’m happy you enjoyed it. <3

That sounds rough. Thank you for sharing your story with us <3

I’m glad to hear it, thank you <3

Thank you so much <3

Thank you for playing! <3

I’m glad you had so much to say about this game. I really sincerely appreciate the response as it helps me think about the things I make from viewpoints that I don’t necessarily possess and do better next time. That being said, please allow me to clarify a few things:

  • This story is, in fact, not about the minor characters. It’s just about how the main character feels, and that’s all there is to the story. Most of the minor characters are people that the main character doesn’t know. They are strangers, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing a story about how it feels to interact with strangers.

  • I am glad to hear that the sound design of the game was uncomfortable enough that you had to turn it off. I believe this was the desired feeling I wanted to invoke.

  • I don’t think you’re sexist for posting this comment. I’m not sure why you would assume that I would believe that.

  • I in fact don’t think it’s a stranger’s fault for not using the right pronouns to refer to someone. I’m sorry if you felt like that was implied – I tried to avoid implying that by never letting the main character assign blame for being misgendered. Perhaps I should have been more explicit than that. All I wanted to convey is that it just really, really wears you out, especially since there isn’t anyone to blame for it. There isn’t anyone to get mad at. It just hurts, full stop.

  • I did not expect to become morally superior by making this game. I’m not really sure how or why this game would make me feel that way even if I wanted it to.

Thank you so much for your comment <3

I think it’s important to recognize the pain and I hope the game had some cathartic value for you, as making it did for me.

I am very happy to hear you liked the game! Certainly, while my personal experiences are on a relatively tamer note compared to some people I know, it all still sucks anyway. I think it’s important to recognize the pain and hurt.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play and leave a comment, it means a lot to me. <3


Thank you so much <3

A short, painful game about negative experiences after coming out as transgender. Text-based and has a non-linear story. You can download it or play it in your browser here:

I made this game over the weekend a few months ago and I wrapped up a few loose ends this last weekend before releasing it to the public. While I certainly wouldn’t say this is a fun game to play, I hope that it is a powerful, introspective experience that can help cisgender people start to understand some of the things transgender people deal with and help transgender people not feel alone in their pain and that there’s at least someone out there who understands it too.