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So i have downloaded this extension, and when i install it pops up a window on the screen saying nothing and says its installed but nothing its working and if we restart the program goes missing like it wasnt even installed, i tried first on version 1.3 (beta the one im using), then 1.2.9 doesnt even recognize the extension wont even install it, and same with other versions, i used the 2.2.0 NxPA latest version, so would like to know if there is something else i should be doing that is required, cause the extension seems to be good and would like to use it.

the game looks good but locking the rewards behind a paywall is really shitty marketing, idk who is gonna patreon a person that takes months do this small games and huge majority is all incomplete that u literaly dont even care to finish.

Since i know the devs are greedy and from the start they wer kinda negative towards their customers that is why they dont hv much population supporting them, the game has soon its complete they will sell it outside patreon for sure and they will most likely charge 20-30$ since they are greedy. If u guys notice they dont even come around here to respond to people etc cause they dont care, they only care if u payed for something.

Please do not patreon or in anyway give money to this dev, reasons he is about 2 years without any content keep promising a update of the game which is nowhere to be found, selling his game has a full fledge porn game when there is no porn whatsover its a game with story but has bland=Empty game and for someone getting over 5k dollars and not even once putting a update its a shame and scammy cause all he does his show previews of images that has nothing to do with the game.

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Its really expensive, to keep playing the new version this updates u need to pay between 10-20€ for a small update that took 4 or more months to develop just for a 2-3 minutes of new content, in my opinion with that money i can buy a full game, the dev's should consider change the prices cause poor 1$ they dont get nothing u take their money and poor people cant even get acess to the update.

how about next time try to figure out stuff out first  u can clearly see this is just a intro or a demo so more then normal the content it has. I havent played it yet i dont normally play the 1st version of the games but for the images looks decent to be a game. Saying the game sucks on 1st version means or either u didnt play the game or u simply are a duch trying to give bad feedback.

i got my ball hitting on the one the bouncers and on the wall forever XD couldnt proceed.

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I really enjoyed ur demo, it was really good i wasnt expecting this game made Visual novel maker to have this performance (i use Tyranobuilder idk any coding) the animation was pretty good was smooth and without any flaws (i have done couple animation so i know when its good), i was wondering if u have a discord link u can provide.