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Thank you for your answer, if you would like to join us in our mission to get near the tops in game jams then I would love to get in contact with you.

You can add me on Discord at mroctopus1#9355

You can add me on Skype at noahrocks51

Thank you and we hope to speak soon!

I'm getting a bit sceptical on how you know so many things, If you wouldn't mind answering these questions then you could join me and my friends project!

1. What is your best 3D Model?

2. What does public void mean?

Thanks - Exen.

What is your name before tag

I sent a friend request.

Hey there, do you have any other platforms we can talk on, (Discord, Skype, etc.)

Thanks :D

I'm very artsy, and can do sound, do you have any way we can talk (not with voice if you're wondering)  in another space, (Discord, Skype etc.)?

I am Looking for a team member to help on the game jam project, As I don't want stolen idea's/Someone to steal my idea I will tell you (If you agree to join me in Unity or Unreal (I dont mind) ) But I can do the sound, anyone who can program is fine, I also do a tiny bit of blender so I can do 3D Models, (I can do sprites too :D) Thanks

Could I join you in Unity?

Hey! Do you need sound by any chance?

I could maybe do sound, Im looking for people too!