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Hey! You'd need to follow in order to install a custom firmware. Unfortunately most of the 'easy' methods are now patched by Nintendo, so if you're on the latest firmware you'll likely need to purchase a compatible flashcart to aid the process.

If you've done that, you can use an app called FBI to install the .cia file to your home menu and launch it as if it was an official Virtual Console title.

Hi! The game was written in C using the devkitARM toolchain, with libraries provided by this excellent free book called Tonc which can teach you almost everything you need to know about GBA programming.

We used Maxmod for music/sfx playback. Music was composed in MilkyTracker and MadTracker. i.e. we have different weapons of choice, but it doesn't matter because both support the XM format which Maxmod can use.

Aseprite was used for graphics/animations (having to be mindful of size and palette restrictions etc.). To convert the graphics into the raw formats which can be used by the hardware, we used Grit which is powerful but quite difficult to work with because there are so many options and sometimes it's hard to tell which ones do what you want.

And finally, we made the maps in Tiled, but it seemed like parsing XML or JSON in C on such limited hardware would be a terrible experience. So instead we made a Node.js script which goes over the Tiled data and generates C code for a given level. That may sound like a big hack but it was really a life saver!

Those are the main points, I should definitely do a proper writeup some time! Feel free to give me a poke if you have more questions.

Yeah, the graphics are on their lowest settings, and the resolution is considerably reduced. I'm playing on a laptop with integrated graphics, but it has a decent processor and can handle many other games with no problem. The framerate of the game is fine, it's just that there's this weirdly consistent input delay.

What the box? community · Created a new topic Input Lag

Hi! I discovered the game through Twitter yesterday and it seems very fun and promising, like a throwback to the days when I used to play Prop Hunt, only now everyone is a prop and all the props are trying to kill each other!

The main issue for me is that there is a consistent delay of around half a second between moving the mouse or pressing a key, and the game responding to that. This makes it basically impossible to aim and fire at enemies in all but the most opportune of moments.

I'm not sure if it's a problem on the client side such as event polling, physics or rendering, or if it's some kind of networking issue where the player doesn't move until the server has acknowledged the input. (or even a combination of these things?)

Just thought I should bring it up because it will have a huge impact on the playability of the game for many people.

Keep up the good work :D