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Kiss with Godzilla if you manage to play well in Rising episode #1 Hungry Lizard.

Enjoy this pixel art epiphany.

Thanks for the video ! Insist and you may see the end of the game. We will make another one soon, keep in touch ! Best.

Amazing game, beautifully crafted, cool music. Reminds me of Bushido Blade a lot. 

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Hi itch community, we released our first game !
Please enjoy ! 

Have courage, Have rage ...

Rising is a survival game in fake 8bit pixel art which will ultimately comprise multiple episodes, each one being autonomous and depicting a unique story, through the game, similar to Another World (Eric Chahi). Set in nature, inspired by various trips in Brazil, Africa, India, France, Japan or Turkey, each episode will tell the quest for life of a living form on earth or beyond.

Rising episode #1 : Hungry Lizard Play a lizard aiming to survive in a dangerous natural world. Dedicate yourself entirely to sacrificing the flux of time for the right moment. You only use the directional pad of the keyboard to navigate through the map.