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Really liked this one. The digging is a fun mechanic.

really unique way of doing a stealth game. Good job!

It's fun, but getting sent back to first level after getting hit once is too harsh for me.

Interesting mechanic but the movement and jumping really needs to be worked on, mainly that jumping is too quick.

Some really nice art.

How do you get it to run?

This is really great! If you're about to skip playing this game, don't! Give it a go.

Sorry, I could only get as far as feeding the dog. Couldn't find what to do next.

Neat idea! Got stuck thinking I had to ricochet to hit the last guy, but I managed to do it eventually. I like the time rewind mechanic so that you can redo a shot over and over until it's right instead of having to restart the whole level.

Pretty fun clicker/idle style game.

I liked it, sea monsters are great! I'd love to see an expanded version of this where you can get abilities and more kinds of stat increases. Also, just to be sure, only 5 ships spawn?

Thank you everyone that voted on our game. We're very happy with 36th place! Over the moon that the game got to be played on stream. Thanks again!

I really like the models, great artstyle.

Fun stuff, i like the pixel art and it's pretty challenging

It looks nice and I'd really like to try to finish it, but as the others said I can't figure out how to survive more than 3 rooms. Maybe I'm missing something?

Digging through the rubbish is pretty fun, I was able to use the parts I collected to make a teddy bear in the shack, but couldnt do any more.

The platforming is a bit difficult for me, maybe it would be good to slow down the jumping but it all works pretty well otherwise. 

Turns out that rummaging through bins is pretty fun!

I only wish there was a little more time to select the present after you see the chimney, once it speeds up i think it's actually impossible. You'd need to throw the present before you see the chimney, otherwise this is a cool concept

It moves a bit too fast for me but it's pretty fun! 

Cool Idea. I'd like to see more incentive to repair items rather than jumping in and out of the dungeon.

Really fun. Solid controls and great art.

Really nice animations and good drawings. It'd be cool to see more upgrades

This is so good! the combination of 2d sprites and 3d enviroments looks really nice and there's a lot of humor to it.

Fun Idea, it's a shame it couldnt be finished. I really enjoyed the detective style gameplay and would have liked to know if i got the right answers.

Cool game, I liked figuring out who prefered what items and how it wasn't always obvious (genie doesn't want the lamp)

Fun game. A lot of area to drive around in.

Oh man, this is really cool. Certainly one of the most unique games in this jam. The transparent paper makes it hard to tell where it is exactly in 3d space and I wish there was a paper reset button, but otherwise this is really great

Looks really good and it all seems to function pretty well. Is there a way to rotate the buildings before you place them?