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im tati, nice to see your work!

there are several adult games on, you just make sure to label it as an adult entry

How can you ensure you game follows the jam secret theme?

We encourage you to make a new one for this jam. But you can also share it with us here and in the discord server

New link:

new link

So that explains why people just join and leave. 

Alright I already fixed it

Hello! Not stricted but highly encouraged. And it will be announced at the same time the jam starts. That's the jam's spirit

yes I am!

see you later!

wait is this a game or a game engine?

Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much!!

thank you very much!

Ah yes, the bad end is kind of traumatic lol

found some bugs:
the portrait image sometimes appears in the center of the screen (not in the rectangle on the right side of the screen). It usually happens after loading game.

On minotaur rape scene it always shows me two dicks. Always.

After day 1 ended, the portrait didn't change from nude/orgasm. After trying again and loading the game, the portrait changed but it appeared on the center of the screen, and also, MC sprite still appears nude.

Also you should add a Load feature in menu.