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Some sites host the game for an exclusive amount of time before I can make it available on other sites, including

what kind of features would you like to see in a 'retro' tower?

when I learn to 3D model

Thanks for playing!

Trying to get it out as fast as I can :) 

wow very well done!

It will be coming in January some time :) 

There are 4 so far:

- Big Tower Tiny Square

- Big ICE Tower Tiny Square

- Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square

- Big FLAPPY Tower VS Tiny Square

Thanks for playing and hopefully there will be more coming soon!

Hey thanks for playing! To answer: 

- the web version of Flappy tower is currently exclusive to Coolmathgames
- it's long and complicated. I'm trying to be consistent with new towers going forward. That would make the future games free on the web (+ ads if the web host chooses to show them), free mobile version with 1-time unlimited lives purchase, and a paid (~5) Steam version (and consoles, if I can the games on consoles). 
- hopefully there will be lots more towers, with different stories and mechanics!
- Next one should be out Jan 2022, if all goes to plan
- Maybe...

Way to go!

That's a really really good time!

Hey is the 'Performance' button in the options menu green? That turns off all the lighting/other effects and should dramatically improve performance. It should run on nearly anything with the mode on.

press y (or r , can’t remember) to reapawn at the last checkpoint. 

Nice way to go!

 Nope, it was made in Construct 2

I'm not too sure tbh. Maybe contact Itch and see if there is anything they recommend doing.

You get 100 lives per play through, which the game is definitely beatable with but might take a little practice. There are some other websites I've uploaded the game where you have unlimited lives, however those versions have advertisements implemented. 

Unfortunately is sounds like it is blocking iFrame content, which is how a lot of web games are run :( 

that’s strange. Does it happen for every game on or just my games?

Hey could you tell me how you are trying to play (mobile/PC). Also does the screen show anything? (loading bar, error message, anything like that).


Press Start (enter)

Those are cool ideas - you should try to make a Disco Tower!

Probably! He is easily persuaded, isn't he?

Would the goal in the Big Disco Tower be Stayin' Alive through the Disco Inferno?

Is that a good or a bad thing?

It's live on Steam! Check it out here:

Itch version to follow in couple of weeks. Thanks for your support everyone :) 


You can grab it here too

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You can get the music here: ! But the NEON Tower music isn't available yet.

Working on having a version out before March!

Thanks! I'll be posting development updates on this page and on my various social media ( Twitter Instagram TikTok )

Currently in Development. Stay tuned for more gameplay pics ,videos, and more!

January 32

Unfortunately I have no way of making the existing game easier or harder. I should have news on a new tower soon though so stayed tuned!

Thanks dude!

Yep you can grab the music here:

Yes! After the next Squarmas I should have some exciting news....

Nice well done!

Big Square is clever, but he’s not that clever. You can press Y to reset to the last checkpoint then jump back over him.