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Thanks for playing! That is very nice of you to be so forgiving after all Big Square put you through to rescue Pineapple. Maybe I'll have to make an ending for people who really don't want revenge? 

Update 1.0.2: 

Fixed a bug where pressing W was causing havoc in the menu

- Z now works properly for swimming

Thanks for playing guys! I will add some new jump buttons today.

Well let's see a square is made up of four 90 degree angles. 4 x 90 = 360... 360 could be interpreted as 3 sixes at zero degrees or 666....OMG Big Square = Satan confirmed!!!


Way to go! Thanks for playing dude. A level creator would be awesome, but it's not in the cards for this version...but maybe another one in the future!

Thanks for the kind words beegee! If you don't mind sharing, what's your best time/deaths? I'm always curious to know!

Finding the perfect balance for controls is always a struggle. By far the largest criticisms I've got to date was that the player felt too slippery and the wall-stick was too hindering, which is why I've continued to work on them (and in the case of the wall-stick, eventually removed it completely). The problem with continuing to adjust the controls is that the levels were designed for the first set of controls, not the newest ones. I have gone back and adjusted some spots here and there to make sure it is beatable, but it isn't the same as designing levels around thecontrols (which is what I originally did).

I have a follow-up 'holiday special' version of Big Tower Tiny Square coming out soon, in which the levels were designed around the new controls - hopefully it will feel a bit better to you!


- Further (and hopefully final) control tweaks.

- Minor level adjustments based on the new controls.

------- V. 1.2.1 -------

- Some minor player control tweaks

- Small level design tweaks to accommodate player control changes

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm pretty sure I know the super hard part you were talking about. Glad you got by it!

Yep it sure is!

------- Version 1.2 Notes -------

- Adjusted momentum on ground and in air for tighter controls.

- Z on keyboard can now be used to jump

- Reduced the volume of the music

- Very slightly reduced the effect of gravity on the player

- Minor adjustments to the design of the tower to accommodate momentum/gravity changes