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AMAZING little game, can't wait to test this out on my 5yo. 

Few notes: 

- please make the map globe turnable by controller, right now it responds only to mouse

- maybe an easy mode, where you have the paths drawn (so i can explain what is where while we're playing, also a little flag in map mode that pops up along with the name

this is all just lovely and wonderful, mad props to you sir

awesome! i've run into a couple bugs, first being that if you try to activate the elevator from below and you are not correctly positioned in on it, you get stuck and have to quit to menu then start again. Then, the posession of items doesn't get reset, the batteries are still in inventory, but you don't have the rag to make the elevator button work, and it doesn't work to be abla to go down on its own either. 

Anyway, just something to be aware of, but that's not why i'm commenting. 

GREAT story (sound promising and it got me hooked)GREAT visuals (nice and crisp, loved the videos and the effect on them, I can only hope this grows up to become a full project some day. Congrats!

Thrilled you like it! 

A lot of things are planned to change, actually- i know camera controls are not optimal, i experimented a bit to see if i can get something that shows her face more because the character looks boring af from 3rd person view. That's going to change too, since she will have a cape as soon as i figure out how to implement cloth simulation :) Point is, now i'm aiming for a camera like in hellblade, going all around via look controls if you're still, following along from behind if you're moving.

Onto the combat system, i'm planning timed combos, and a physically accurate shopping bag to do the smacking. Different bags with different things in them work differently (you can put a brick in there for heavy attacks, but it kills the stamina along with the enemies). 

I'm planning a menu system that goes on in her apartment, so Esc key will naturally have to be a thing, along with in-game instructions.

The biggest change for next version will be how the game plays out. It's not going to be a wave shooter anymore, but a tactical use of limited non-regenerable stamina to reach a certain goal. Else, she goes hypoglycemic and faints, you have to start over again. You can use this limited stamina to sneak, run or fight, the point being to reach a certain point in space, like the store or the pharmacy. 

We'll see how that goes.

Hey thanks so much for playing, hope you enjoyed it! Do you have any thoughs and suggestions on improvements I could make? I notices the framerate was weird, is that the recording or did it actually run slow?

Again, thanks for the video! More updates are coming

of course it is, the beer is mine heheh

Seriously great game mechanic idea, this inventorializing. Also lookin' good with them clouds!

this is brilliant, easily your best one so far. With the fight nisherman and the other one the experience was nice and minimalistic and it really made me think about what elements you'd need to make an efficient interactiv estory - but somewhat seemed like it could have had more detail etc. With this one, the style is thoroughly at home. It's perfectly settled in its minimal intent and execution. Bravo to you! 

Awesoooommmeeeee (all the white spots are chicken!)

this is unbelievably cool. My 3yo loves it, also her 6yo and 9yo cousins. And myself, 34. So you're sure to have something brilliant here. Few tiny things to do for a great experience: (listing easiest to implement with biggest effects)

- please, gamepad controls, complete with chicken launcher button :)

- please, button to reset world in menu. It's just chock-full of chickens now.

- please, names for materials or if time permits a tiny swatch of the thing near crosshair or at bottom of screen

- slightly bigger crosshair please

- can you maybe force push the chickens? Somehow they seem to do it themselves, when stuck in a pit. Water pushes them, i think? It's really cool when it happens.

- more things to feed the cannon! oh man oh man, what about custom things you could load in the Meor folder?? that would rock.

Anyway. You rock. Finally a game my 3yo can freely enjoy on the xbox controller (right now she's doing mouse for looking around, left dpad for moving, and keyboard C for.. well you know. 

:D cheers!