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this is unbelievably cool. My 3yo loves it, also her 6yo and 9yo cousins. And myself, 34. So you're sure to have something brilliant here. Few tiny things to do for a great experience: (listing easiest to implement with biggest effects)

- please, gamepad controls, complete with chicken launcher button :)

- please, button to reset world in menu. It's just chock-full of chickens now.

- please, names for materials or if time permits a tiny swatch of the thing near crosshair or at bottom of screen

- slightly bigger crosshair please

- can you maybe force push the chickens? Somehow they seem to do it themselves, when stuck in a pit. Water pushes them, i think? It's really cool when it happens.

- more things to feed the cannon! oh man oh man, what about custom things you could load in the Meor folder?? that would rock.

Anyway. You rock. Finally a game my 3yo can freely enjoy on the xbox controller (right now she's doing mouse for looking around, left dpad for moving, and keyboard C for.. well you know. 

:D cheers!

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Your comment is very motivating and helpful! Your suggestions are now on my todo list. I can't wait to show you guys what's next.