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Hi Andrea, nice work on Clayxels!
Unfortunately new V0.43 and V0.432 doesn't work on mac (at least on my mac).
Previous version of Clayxels worked on my device.

Any chance to get Clayxels working on mac?

Yes you can kill some rats. Use Items->Potions->Heal to restore your HP.
But the demo is very limited (as it was made in a couple of days for cyberpunkjam 2014).  We work on it to make it a game:)

Nice game! Thanks for video with how to play instruction.

Great game! Congrats!

Alternative link to online version:

This is very WIP version.
We will be working with this cyber punk jam game concept to make it playable RPG game for PC, Mac and mobile devices:)

Don't know how to play:/ But the idea is very nice!:)

I did only 5, but I am not flappy games master:)

That was fun! My best is 30 so far! :)

@Kasmilus: Thanks! Camera is covered by obstacles to make game harder;)

You can test mobile android version of Flappy Cars 3D form goolge play too!:)
It's here:

Hello Candy Jam Game Developers!
if you don't have time for download standalone build of the game, you can test online version on:

Nice space game and good idea of making Unity Webplayer. I have to do it for my game, too!

Very nice match-3.
It's really fun to play, but please add more screenshots on the games page!
This game is worth more fame and more screenshots!:)

Too bad that you don't have mac build:( We like the pictures!:)

Nice little game! But where's Vassily Vassilyevich Kandinsky art?;)

Sweet puzzler Candy! Very polished and well-made, congrats!

Great Game!
Congrats on nice article: !

@local_minimum Thanks! We are working hard on game update!:)

Controls: WASD or arrows, or mouse.
Click on title screen to start.
ESC to quit the game.

More content (and missions) will come soon in updates...