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Yes you can kill some rats. Use Items->Potions->Heal to restore your HP.
But the demo is very limited (as it was made in a couple of days for cyberpunkjam 2014).  We work on it to make it a game:)

Nice game! Thanks for video with how to play instruction.

Great game! Congrats!

Alternative link to online version:

This is very WIP version.
We will be working with this cyber punk jam game concept to make it playable RPG game for PC, Mac and mobile devices:)

Don't know how to play:/ But the idea is very nice!:)

I did only 5, but I am not flappy games master:)

That was fun! My best is 30 so far! :)

@Kasmilus: Thanks! Camera is covered by obstacles to make game harder;)

You can test mobile android version of Flappy Cars 3D form goolge play too!:)
It's here:

Hello Candy Jam Game Developers!
if you don't have time for download standalone build of the game, you can test online version on:

Nice space game and good idea of making Unity Webplayer. I have to do it for my game, too!

Very nice match-3.
It's really fun to play, but please add more screenshots on the games page!
This game is worth more fame and more screenshots!:)

Too bad that you don't have mac build:( We like the pictures!:)

Nice little game! But where's Vassily Vassilyevich Kandinsky art?;)

Sweet puzzler Candy! Very polished and well-made, congrats!

Great Game!
Congrats on nice article: !

@local_minimum Thanks! We are working hard on game update!:)

Controls: WASD or arrows, or mouse.
Click on title screen to start.
ESC to quit the game.

More content (and missions) will come soon in updates...