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Yay thanks for the update!

Super hyped for this! Did not have the bandwidth to finish a dungeon back then so I'm at least looking forward to help by finding typos hahahaha. Happy to see you so passionate about this project because it is really cool!

Hi! This looks more and more amazing! Can't wait for a potential print!

Hi! I was wondering if these were a mistake or intended : 

p. 31 The Jotunn headless only has 1 DEF and 3 STR?
p. 47 SEA REEK (HAFGUFA) has 4 RES only?

I assume it means the whales don't really "dodge" attacks as they are both resilient and too huge/not agile enough, but I was curious if it was the intent.

Wishing you all well!

I somehow managed to miss that the first time! Thanks a lot! :)

Just wondering if there is one ready somewhere! (Could not find any amongst the downloadable files) Would love to be able to have one for play-by-post with my friends.
Thank you very much for your help! 

Looks amaaaazing! Curious : will you folks mind getting pinged about typos? If not, will there be a place we can submit what we find? Just looking to help!

Suuuper looking forward to a print run as well! This looks amaaazing.

Praise the art!

Sure thing! The idea is that the character owns an object that grants them power over/against the Yokai. In Mononoke it is a special sword that allows the Medicine Seller to change form, but to keep things simpler it only translates to a bonus. For Yokai Hunter Society as chose the Mask instead (if they lose the mask or it is shattered, they lose the bonus). 

How it works :
Each Yokai has a three fundamentals that, when uncovered by the characters, each grant a stackable +1 to rolls made against the Yokai :
1. Katachi physical shape : The type of Yokai they are, like a Kappa, Bakeneko, Hannya etc.
2. Makoto their Origin, why they exist or brought them here. Do they exist due to a tragedy of sorts? Where they summoned by evil men? Did the stench of the many battlefield birthed by the Meiji restoration attract them?
3. Kotowari their reasoning or impulse. Sometimes the Kotowari is informed by the Katachi, but it is not always the case. A wronged ghost might be seeking vengeance against Ex-Samurai specifically, a Bakeneko against a group of people who wronged their owner, a Kappa just wants yummy buttholes. 

-When I build a scenario, I write down broad "clues" that inform each of the three fundamentals.
-I track how close they are from the full story with a clock, one for each of the fundamentals. Normally those are 4-ticks clocks, exactly like in blades in the dark.
-When the players discover/encounter information relevant to a fundamental, I tick it once or twice (sometimes even straight-up filling the clock in the case of the Katachi : if they meet a Kappa face to face, it is pretty much all the information they needed hahaha). 
When any one is filled, then they are given a +1 bonus.
-In-game there are also Kanji (one for each of the fundamental) engraved behind the mask. They emit a mysterious glow that only them can see when clues are nearby (they still have to plan and make the right decisions to acquire them).

I run games for mentally-drained folks that still want a mystery so it has served me well so far hahaha. 

Ouuuuh can't wait to print this bad boiii! (Or to help funding a print-run if there is one at some point). Great work so far! I am really enjoying the art-styles you've been exploring in recent years with all those documents you are pumping out like a madman hahaha.

(1 edit)

I run this bi-weekly for my group, really loooove it. Added some "breath total concentration" mechanics for it, obviously inspired by Demon Slayer, which was fun and easy to do! 
Also added a Mononoke (the Manga/Animation) inspired mechanic rewarding the players for discovering more information about the Yokai they are dealing with (giving them a +1 bonus once they complete a Blades-in-the-dark inspired clock. There are three of them : heart, form and reason, they get +1 for each that is completed). The "Mask" vibrates with an energy fueled by the "Mystery" of the Yokai. It works well, even for less "pulpy" games!

I would like to know : do you have any intention of creating some cool short-scenarios? I am very lazy and having cool, historically-ish accurate scenarios with just enough to get me rolling is something I am looking for when I don't have the energy to write a campaign haha.

Thanks a lot for your work!

Any chance we can have the ECB Mission Template in a different type at some point? :o Like Indesign?

My favorite third party for Mausritter so far! Cleary made with passion and a lot of attention to details!

Looove this product! Simple yet elegant! Curious about the print-sheet though with the items and conditions, is it meant to be resized for printing or is it the correct size?

Absolutely looking forward to it!