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Evil Space Wizard

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This game is an actual ton of fun, but a higher FOV would certainly help (or an FOV slider). I'm using an ultrawide monitor and it's hard to see enemies sometimes.

I had a similar issue, please see my submission page. I submitted regardless, hopefully we can get this figured out.

Whoo, this is impressive. Solid work on the page design.

This was made 93 days ago... neat, otherwise.

What Discord Server is this in?

This round, for some reason it isn't in the submission page. So I just put it at the bottom my game page.

Solid Overall

Neat spin on chess with a cool bonus mechanic. Great job 👍

Solid art and gameplay! Great job getting in on the first deadline.

Great Art and Gameplay


Why delay the jam so many times? I understand delaying it to get to the front of the jams page, but why change the end date? 

I am sure sending notifications to previous jam participants would generate more traction.

I have some of what I think are great ideas for submissions, but I cannot animate and submit unless the end date is consistent.

Haha, I planned on throwing together a fishing (phishing) game but 1 hour left on the clock ;d

Thanks! I have seen some slight performance errors in the WebGL build, but strangely not in the native ones. I wish I could know why but I attribute it to something internal going wrong. Sorry about that!

Juicy as ever! Great job.


Where can I learn to speak Helpful Dave's beautiful language?

This is wicked fun. Great job!

Can't wait to try it out!

Whew this is a nice concept, and pretty challenging. I like the minimal art style. Great job!

This was actually really fun! Great job.

What a fantastic way to represent password strength. Great execution!

What a neat concept! The bucket password catching is a creative way to up the pace. Although it should be said, ideally a different password is used on each of your accounts, rather than a memorable phrase.

Absolutely fantastic in execution and creativity.

Oh my lord. This is brilliant. 10/10.

Congrats on the entry! I played while it was in-progress and the level design is creative (Much more than I could have ever thought of).

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This is really creative! It's a great prototype. This could be its own game.

This is actually really fun and clever! Great job.

I don't see how that can be offensive at all. Like ArgondevilGuiderods said above, it would be cool to see wheelchair users be the highlight of a game. Additionally, it's a really cool mechanic.