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  the only way you'd disappoint me is by hurting yourself working on this game. Keep doing what makes you comfortable, and remember someone is always wishing you good health.

is the thumby build any different?

Is the version on the thumby arcade a demo too?

hows reality going?

so is this version more updated? or the other one?

Would you allow Blue maxima to host this game on Flashpoint? Considering flash on modern browsers have discontinued. 


Is there any hidden references or names that searching wouldn't show,because I deleted all pixelbox  files and it still won't  install.

I think "independently" should of answered your question,but I tried to reinstall from a newly downloaded installer,same result as before.

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Solved!I installed Pixelbox on the application,but I realized that I had installed it on the wrong directory. I deleted the directory without uninstalling Pixelbox,and when I tried to reinstall Pixelbox it said that the installer had failed(something under the lines of "while saving angels: NSIS failed to install.) I tried running the application on administer mode,same result.I uninstalled all files and tried running it the setup independently,it gets stuck at around 43%.I tried removing all instances of Pixelbox files,same result.It isn't installing slowly,it isn't installing.

Take your time!Good stuff never came from a rushed making process(except melee)!But also remember don't begin too many games because you might feel exhausted!

Do you have any plans to continue this project?

I installed libportaudio ,but now it says it needs to install  .

(repost of my rating)

I loved this game.Great Sound track, likable characters,good settings.I also like that the idea isn't "Oooh big bad,go defeat him" and more of " *stares at arm* *stares at you* I'm gonna beat your ass". Also (spoilers if you didn't beat the game) when the gnome thief gets his legs stolen,but there is no blood,This make me think"are all of this guys toys?"like smash bros,with a child controlling all and thinking all of this on the go?Also here are my thoughts

-Have fights more common.Like another guy said "have A.T.M.'s be like that in this universe,they just try to steal your soul".But with everything.

-Have a hard mode.When I was playing the easy mode I thought "in the normal mode you must not regenerate!".I went back to playing after eating easy mode because I thought that this was a mocking ending for completing easy mode,and I soon found out that you just regenerate longer.How about for a hard mode ,when you get hit you stay hit.You lost your guard and you must suffer.The only way you can regenerate is by getting to a check point,Or (like another guy said) getting a beat combo.

-(spoilers ,I think)have the "get my arm back"not be the final story.Have a reason to get that arm back!

Also if Geno doesn't get in smash,I'll get this guy in.