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I liked it. Nice music and art. Albeit short it's pleasant and I really like the combination of art styles. Turning white surfaces pink is also a nice touch.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to touch all the white surfaces to unlock something? Because I didn't. Too much work hehe. 

Regarding your artistic statement. You can better remember your dreams if you keep a dream diary! The trick is to not get up and move after you wake up from a dream and you will remember it much better if you write it down before leaving bed. It is also possible to control your dreams via lucid dreaming. I have never done this myself though it is possible for anyone to achieve lucid dreaming with enough practice. 

Nice little game. However the exit can't be reached on level 8.

The gameplay is connect-3.  There's a leveling up system, spells, special quests and the opponent has a few counter attacks. So even if connect-3 isn't the most exciting thing it's done well enough to support other aspects of the game.  The dialogue is rubbish however. I know there's not be much to expect when it takes place in Harem World but still.. 

I lost on my third fight twice. I don't know if I'm missing something because I couldn't even get her down to half hit points. 

Jumping is a bit too 'floaty' and movement can be awkward at times but maybe that's just me being bad at the game.

The first level is the hardest. Following the lower path seem to lead to a dead end. Minor bug - I jumped into nuclear cooling tower and the level wouldn't restart. 

A nice touch is that the cops actually catch up with you. I didn't know that would happen until I stopped running for a while. If anything, I want the cops to be faster so this becomes a more relevant feature. 

The fat glowing line in the middle of the track is bothersome. It's not necessary to highlight where the player needs to go. I do suppose it helps indicate that wall jumping is a thing. though I really think it's a superfluous addition and a bit of an eyesore. 

It's somewhat disorienting to navigate without having a player character to move through the maze. I'm also not sure it's mapped out correctly. I go up a ladder (after the note) and somehow come back to the previous area.

It looks like wipeout so I wanted to try it out. Though I can load the start menu the game won't proceed after I hit start. I only see a white screen. Tried various graphic qualities. 

Fun short little platformer with a cool idea. I liked the end especially. 

I liked it. It's rough around the edges and doesn't offer much gameplay. There's certainly room for a more fleshed out game here. On the other hand I respect the brevity, it takes 10 minutes to play through so the clunky gameplay doesn't overstay its welcome. The music is fitting and helps add atmosphere, though the last song was a bit too intense for my liking. The music is also quite loud and I had to turn my volume all the way down. Overall, I like the idea and the riddles were fun to answer. Graphics are amateurish but not in a bad way.  I like the setting and the journey-reminiscent style. The images that go along with the dialogue bits really helped bring the story alive.