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I'm glad you liked it! I gave all my energy to The Scungilli Man while making this game. The more people play, the more power he gets!

Thanks for playing! The endings depend on how much you explore. If you go strait to the mirror, without looking at things in the house, you will get the black screen ending.

lol thanks

Hi, i made a quick video

Do the controls stop working when you land on the ground? If so, was it near the edge of the pool or someplace else?

Hi thanks, which part is confusing?

Some people are saying the game feels slow or delayed? When they restarted the game it worked correctly, so if you're running into the same problem try that and also try to turn off shadows in the menu.

Thank you, Ill have some updates soon if you are interested in following. I think its awesome how much you comment and reply to all these developers, It a very refreshing. Keep up the good work

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Edit: figured it out lol.

Cute game, how do I build things? I figured out the mining part, but i cant figure out what materials i need to build the structures, or what button to press to select the structures

lmao I was trying to make it a beautiful game, and the whale bugged out apparently nooooo. The video was hilarious, I subbed

Kinda like life, amiright? Joking aside, i completely agree. I should have focused more on polishing the AI and easing players into the situation. This is my 2nd game jam ever and damn these things teach you a lot.

lol i hear that

Oh my lord this is amazing

Thank you! I already rated your game, but I added a comment just now

like another commenter said before me, Its simple but well-executed! Awesome job just make sure to look over the info on the page before jumping in, my game design needs work

Just shows looping video with music

Crazy impressive for such a small amount of time! I didn't understand the colors, but I also didn't have anyone to play with, but I figured it out and it was fun!

Thank you for the feedback! I spent way too long working on the aesthetic, and the design fell short, sorry about that :( I'm still learning how to balance the workload in game jams. There is a short video on the page now, to point you in the right direction, but I have plans to release a new version after this. I would love to hear more of your feedback when the update comes out

Thanks for trying it out, I may drop everything in my life to work on this game...I love it so much. The whales programming is bad and they are indeed too fast, but you can turn them off by opening the menu and clicking "Gamemode" until it says "Free".  I find myself luring the whale away from the island until i can get to the cave without getting caught. The cave also triggers and falls on the whale if it tries to enter.

Thanks for trying it out! The killer whales will teleport you back to the start area, but clicking on Gamemode to Free, will stop them from attacking.. They are wayyy too fast, I should of slowed them down before uploading.

awesome job! ill play yours too

Good game!

Not sure why, but I put on some country music while playing this.
If you put a cowboy hat on it, put some country music in it, and call the game "A Texas Christmas Miracle", booiii that's a million dollars right there I tell you what.

Ii dont even know why i try, this will win all the awards.

Oh i forgot this is simulation 009, my bad

Gives me an Error Unity Player.dll was not found

Must...keep...clicking...must...get...presents. I want to make an action rpg with these sprites. Cute as hell.

Didn't understand the controls at first, flip-flopping around, but once I got it it was pretty fun. The space bar keeps you in the air. Pretty funny and voice sfx too!

Awesome job

lol cute game, loved the post-card at the end

If Earth Worm Jim and Toe-Jam and Earl had a baby, this would be it!

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Edited because i didn't see you were also in the jam! 100% agree with you, I didn't have time to add it  but i still wanted a big open space to swim around in. Ill update it when the jam is over, there is a lot of stuff i had to leave out

Impressive work for such a short amount of time! I could do without the rifle shooting though lol.

Died a lot, then started watching enemy movements, anticipating their attacks. Loved it

lol It definitely gave me a jump scare a couple times. Thank you!

This would be top 10 game-boy games of all time if it came out back in the day

lol awesome game

Thank you, this was my first game jam and I learned a lot. Unfortunately I spent the last day compressing and reloading files, which broke the video/audio components. So instead of fixing game bugs, I had to split my time between fixing both and barely made the submission. Lesson learned lol.