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6:23 is my best so far! My first try was about 9 minutes! :)

I like the part I played. I didn't get past the bike minigame because no matter how fast I press I go extremely slow. Idk if it's a glitch or if I'm just really bad at this.

Really cool!

Seems like no matter how much matter I collect, it says it collected 2.

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rivers are my worst enemy in this game lol

also I just got a high score of 11 :D

Good job!

Woah! Good job!

Gotta go fast. For real just smash the x key like your life depends on it.

I managed to get a B after a few tries. You can do it!

Backrooms 2

omg hax?!?1! /j

Wow, so cool that you have nothing better to do with your life and that you think dicks and swastikas are peak comedy. I bet you could be a comedian. /s

I had the same problem but the game works for me if I play it on the creator's website:

The version uploaded to doesn't work for me for some reason. (When the round starts, I can't move.) But I found this game on the creator's website and for some reason that one works.

Link for anyone having the same problem:

That was sweet and I really enjoyed it! I managed to get the good ending on my first playthrough. I guess being an anxious ace myself helped a little. Though I did get the "shit shit shit" reaction from Gen about 3 times, lol. Great little game!

I think some of the graphics are different in this version.

Very unique and challenging. I really enjoy games with a twist like this. I would appreciate it if there was an option to disable the high pitched noise that plays when the screen gets static-y and the background gets dark. I don't have any suggestions other than that, though. Very well made!

Really cool game!

I really like this game, been having fun so far. But I found a racist drawing in the "spoopy af" gallery and I can't report it. Kinda off putting.

I get the same error. I don't know how to fix it.

Cool, fun, and very unique!

My friend and I accidentally broke the game. On the level with tnt on top of a building we both walked off the level to try to kill each other. Instead our characters got stuck without taking damage! It still was pretty fun. I tried out singleplayer too which was also fun. 

If you've ever used mspaint or any other drawing tool it's pretty easy to figure out. Not everything needs a tutorial. And the weird imagery is part of some game's charm. It's pretty easy to see the game's art style on this page as well.

Very unique concept! I enjoyed playing and seeing what weird things would happen each playthough.

is frick aloud? :)

Could you make this game downloadable or something since flash is no longer usable?

Maybe someone else tried to kill it before?

If that's not a typo, I feel ya. I played this game very, very slowly.

I love this game even though it was frustrating, lol. I like the art and the concept. I just could not pass the last length 5 section try as I might. I enjoyed trying though. I enjoy seeing other people speedrun this. It's fascinating to me, I salute the people who are good at this game, haha. (And thanks to the devs for the cool game as well of course!)

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I like this game. I enjoy exploring the floating island to find more art tools. I also like the drawing part, the prompts, and the overall vibe/aesthetic of the game. The grading seems kind of random, like one time I spent a lot of time on a drawing and got an F. But one time I just wrote "NO." with the rainbow pen and got a B. (I didn't wanna do the prompt lol) But maybe that's intentional, it's hard to say. I also don't like how if you fall off the map your art gets graded and you might not be done. Still a good game though.

Here's some of my favorite drawings so far:

(I've only unlocked the yellow color lol)

It's ok. Thanks for responding!

Hi! I love this game so far (I didn't finish it) but I have an issue. I was playing the browser version, and later when I came back I couldn't get my save to load. I select "keep going" on the main menu and I can see the autosaves and a normal save, but if I click enter or click with my mouse nothing happens. I'm on google chrome if that helps. Can someone help me? Thanks! (Also sorry if my english is bad.)

I had the same problem as a few other people, I can't get this to open on android (Samsung galaxy s9)

I'll have to try this game on my laptop at some point.

How is it racist?

I actually didn't know this for a while... you can win! After winning enough rounds it says you won the boxing match! :D

Good job!

I don't have psychosis but I have anxiety so this game resonated with me a bit.

I like it! But once you win a couple of times it doesn't seem worth it to replay. The option to be a crewmate, add more crewmates, or have you and one AI be an imposter would make things more interesting. But this game is still pretty good already! :D

The AI crewmates in freeplay just stand there though.

Pretty good, especially for a game made in 1 hour!

I like to imagine the characters are little penguins lol

Great, unique game!