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Sorry, I'm not sure! Do you have any details about the Yu-Gi-Oh cart? Some cart writers like FlashGBX will give you details about the flash chip and cartridge configuration.

Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have a 3ds to test it, I only tested consoles with a gba flash cart,

Thanks for playing!

Hi! That's a really interesting idea! I hadn't considered that, one thing that I did think of is giving people the ability to combine weapons together to forge new more powerful weapons.

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I’ll consider your suggestions! I may not find the time to make the changes to macro mode anytime soon, though. The macro mode is definitely the weakest part of the game right now

I can work on changing this, the reason I haven’t fixed it already is that changing the logic would also make enemy missiles that land at the same time do even more damage, making the game harder for the player.

When selecting a weapon target for a weapon group, there’s a barrage mode that you can enable by tapping the right shoulder button, causing the weapons to fire one after another. I’ll play around with the 100ms spacing idea as well!

Thank you! I'll think about ways to add more groups!

Speaking of a homing weapon, I actually do have a prototype for that lying around. I just have to think about how to add it without affecting the balance of the game too much, it could be overpowered. Maybe a knight cannon like you're suggesting would be easier to fit into the game!

About the shop soft lock: I will fix the shop to prevent this from happening, perhaps by giving the player extra terrain if there's no space. The "choose place" selection still lets you access the salvage menu, so you can remove blocks with the B button, although I admit that this isn't obvious.

Great job winning! The hard difficulty has a more challenging version of the final boss.

Thank you! I was able to recover some data from the save file, but unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce the issue exactly. I am sorry about the bug and I will look into it more when I find some free time! Thank you for letting me know about the issue, I try to fix all issues with the game wherever possible.

Thanks for finding this! Do you have any way of sending me the broken save file? Which version of the game do you have?

Thanks for making this, it's lovely!

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Thank you! I've been working on it for a long time. Enjoy :)

Glad you're enjoying it!

In the macro mode, mining regular grassy terrain also gives you 10 stone:

If you want to build without any resource requirements, there's also a creative mode in the extras menu:

lovely game, thanks for sharing it!

I just started playing today but I love it so far! The dialog and world building are really well done. Looking forward to seeing what else you make!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Ah yeah, I need to block off the top left of the map until I can figure out how the original game calculates room entrances and exits. Basically the gamemaker source code for the original puts the whole map in one giant room, and I'm still trying to reverse engineer how some of the view transitions work. Thanks for letting me know!

If you get stuck in the top corner, I think you should still be able to hold A+B to warp out

It doesn't, I mainly used C++, unfortunately it's not possible to make a large gba game of this size in lua due to cpu and ram limits.

It's one of my favorites too, a really underrated game. When the desktop version stopped working in my linux install, I ported it to gba to preserve it. Hopefully I'll finish implementing the rest of the features soon, after taking a nice long break. Thank you for your comment!

Much newer! I've been working on the code from a private repository, it's about 2000 commits ahead of the public repository from last year's gba jam.

Thank you! There's actually a new version with lots of updates, available here:

Excellent work on this port! I'm enjoying it.