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I'm glad you enjoyed it!  :)
You're right, I was inspired by LISA. I think it's a game that really shows how imaginative an RPG Maker game can be.

The gameplay is fun and I liked that you created a narrative with a friendly fleet that you have to protect. It gave the game the scale of a galactic battle. I think some discreet background art and an epic music would add a lot to the ambience.

I think it's great that you took the time to create multiple mini-games. I couldn't finish it because of a bug: when I was two kills away from winning level 2 when food collisions stopped working, I couldn't die but I couldn't hit ennemies either.

Giving the possibility to combine power ups is a great idea. It's too bad there's no music. Is it an intentional choice you made to emulate 80's arcade games?

It was pretty hard to understand the rules and the logic of the game, but otherwise its very juicy and the music gives it a lot of energy.

Great video! I'm glad you enjoyed our game.

Our game is only a ten minutes experience, we didn't think a save option would be that useful. We don't know what would cause your game to freeze, sorry.