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Thanks for a great game. I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough, despite not speaking Spanish, since the player can always tell what's happening. There are a lot of well hidden treasures/secrets and challenging boss fights. Ironically, I had the most trouble finding the "Kitty Key" (llave gatito), which was hiding in plain sight after defeating the most difficult optional boss. This is definitely one of the best Final Fantasy fan games that I've ever played, you've really done outstanding work.

Thanks for your calm answer to my rant, which had nothing to do with me being called "a known antagonizer in the RPG Maker community", and thanks for the update. To be honest, this is the first time that a developer raised a level cap following my complaints, so I'm completely stumped right now (in a good way). I'll let you know if I get around to giving your game another try.

The game contains some interesting mechanics and features (like cutscene replay), but it became quickly "unplayable" for me - and I'm not saying this as a known antagonizer in the RPG Maker community. The reason is the absurdly low level cap. When I hit the cap (level 5) in Act 1, I thought: "Well, it's kind of a prologue, and there'll probably be a time skip, so bear with it." Then I did some early-game grinding (like I always do) in Act 2, and wham, bam, thank you ma'am, reached the next cap (level 10), which is usually (like this time) when I lose all motivation.

Seriously, I would have continued my playthrough if it would have taken 1000000 EXP to reach level 11, but I don't support this low-level cap crap, which is the epitome of bad game design and represents an utter incomprehension of the JRPG genre.

This must have been one of the first commercially released RPG Maker MV games, and I finally got around to playing through it. I'm not saying this as "a known antagonizer in the RPG Maker community": The game is very bland and bare-bones in many aspects, which comes as no real surprise, since there weren't many plugins, scripts etc. available at the time of the game's release.

At least I thoroughly enjoyed the story (including its major twist) and dialogues. The game seems to be bug-free and includes a useful FAQ text document. Anyone who's interested in these kinds of games (and has nothing else to play at the moment) probably won't regret spending a mere two bucks on this game.

I only played for an hour and already encountered a multitude of bugs, for example:

- Despite completing the "Valves" side quest, the airship doesn't land safely and Jack is forced to jump down nonetheless.

- Several "exhaust dialogue/trigger" actions freeze the game, e.g. when talking to Snow Town's weapon shop owner a second time after having "stolen" from him, or when walking a second time over the "Cornseed" in Snow Town's pub (game-breaking).

- When interacting with the mirror in Snow Town's inn, the player is transported to a place where many characters can be recruited, but recruiting someone who has already joined the party means this party member's level is reset to 1.

- Instead of being the much needed "heal all skill", Valerie's "Athena" skill doesn't do anything.

- Using a "Crystal Ball (Snow Inn)" during a battle freezes the game (game-breaking).

- "Levana Badges" shouldn't be usable during battles.

And to make matters worse, the balancing is totally off; battles take forever even at 0% difficulty, and they're simply unwinnable at 200% difficulty (at least in the beginning stages). Nearly all skills and items don't feature descriptions, and the game doesn't explain any of its mechanics or gimmicks. I don't know if I'm motivated to continue my playthrough under these circumstances.

You developed a fun little game, kudos.

It's great that - after obtaining the boat - nothing prevents the player from discovering the ultimate weapons/skills in the Infernal Vault. Admittedly, the skills break the game. Dhalia's "Deadly Vengeance" is a skill that instantly kills all foes without fail, at least the random mobs. I didn't get to try it out against boss monsters, since Nada is faster and her "Life Thief" skill drains 100% HP of a single enemy. And if that wasn't already good enough, Spare learns the ultimate self-sustaining recovery skill "King's Blessing". For a mere 150 MP, all party members' HP and (!) MP are recovered (and the skill can be used during and outside of battles). As long as Spare has 150 MP to spare, there isn't any need for recovery items anymore. Well, I don't mind earned superiority and had fun spamming these skills. From this point on, it was easy (and totally unnecessary) to let all party members reach maximum level (99).

The Irish city was an interesting addition, though it was a bit tedious to translate the Irish dialogue with Google's help. While I don't know if Google's translations can be trusted, it seemed that everything made sense.

I really liked the special game over scene at the beginning (triggered by talking to Sage). A certain Super Nintendo JRPG did something similar, though I don't remember which one. Either way, there's nothing wrong with being a farmer instead of an adventurer.

Finally, here are some suggestions for bug-fixing:

- Opportunities to permanently lose the boat/ship (game-breaking):

-- Entering Gobel from the boat/ship while sailing (both tiles from below and the right tile from the right side).

-- Entering Rilann Castle from the boat/ship while sailing (upper right tile only).

-- Entering Faeport from the ship while sailing (left tile from all possible directions). Disembarking from the ship and entering Faeport (right tile) from below also breaks the game (from where the player is left when leaving Faeport, it's impossible to reach the ship again).

- Obstruction mapping: Most (if not all) of the cracked wall tiles can be walked on.

- Leather Armour features the same description as Old Armour (might or might not be intentional).

- Bláthanna: Out of the three houses situated next to each other, the left one can't be entered (might or might not be intentional).

- Infernal Vault: The treasure chest graphics are changed after opening the respective treasure chests.

Der Weg zur Oasenstadt ist ja auf der Weltkarte von Anfang an frei. Man kann sie betreten, indem man "auf ihr steht" und Enter drückt. Den Uralten Turm kann man, glaube ich, auch nur auf diese Weise betreten; das funktioniert nicht automatisch wie beim ersten Dorf.

Ich bin vermutlich einer der wenigen Spieler, die Zufallskämpfe und Grind bevorzugen, also nimm es dir nicht zu Herzen. :)

Mir fielen zwei Bugs am Anfang auf:

- Wenn man die (kaputte) Brücke betritt, die (nicht) zur Hauptstadt führt, und wieder verlässt, findet man sich auf der Weltkarte auf der falschen Seite der Brücke wieder (falsch rechts statt richtig links), sodass man den Uralten Turm und die Berghöhle überspringen kann (Sequence Breaking).  

- Man kann von Anfang an mit El-Scheich in Oasenstadt sprechen, um die Story voranzutreiben (Sequence Breaking). Auch wird Johnnys Dialog im Shop von Anfang an angezeigt, auch wenn er noch gar nicht zur Gruppe gehört.

Ich werde aber nicht weiterspielen, weil man nicht grinden kann (nur sichtbare Gegner, die nicht regenerieren). Das sorgt leider dafür, dass das Spiel nicht meine Kragenweite ist. Unabhängig davon gabt ihr euch aber offensichtlich Mühe mit dem Spiel. Insofern hoffe ich, dass andere Leute, denen das mit dem Grinden nicht so wichtig ist, eurem Spiel eine Chance geben.

This game looks promising, I'll give it a try after the final content update has been released (whenever that will be).

I just completed my playthrough. While I enjoyed the game for what it is (a short first game), the excessive usage of mostly unedited sample maps doesn't make a good impression. "Transform" and "Ultimate Attack" were totally overpowered, but I enjoyed steamrolling the enemies.

Here are the (potential) bugs/oversights I encountered during my playthrough:

- Several items (like Confusion Cure All, Poison Cure) and skills (like Ice Sword Slash, Superior Magic Breaker All) feature incorrect descriptions.

- Items like Superior Potion, Super Potion and Poison Cure should be usable outside of battle (since there are dungeons where the party members aren't fully healed after each battle, and Poison persists after battles).

- An early money cheat can be exploited by repeatedly talking to Leila before defeating the first Demon Lord (the player can obtain an indefinite number of Big Shields this way, which can be sold for 1000 Gold each).

-  When leaving Crystal Town or the Human Fortress, the player is placed outside of West Dungeon.

- Garuda can be fought twice by first interacting with its tamer and afterwards with Garuda.

- Irongiant's sprite doesn't disappear upon defeat.

- The blue portal in the Human Fortress can be used without defeating the local Demon Lord (General). Later, fighting God and Death God can be skipped, but that seems to be intentional.

- Poison (and other damage) floor tiles actually don't hurt the party (I wont complain about this one, though).

- Crystal Town: It's unclear which weapon Dominick can imbue with the Holy attribute (though it probably doesn't matter if the player obtains the Ultimate weapons).

- Was there any use for the shovel?

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Well, the developer doesn't seem to be active here anymore. Without knowing if the reported Hellmouth Hill treasure chests trophy bug has been or will be fixed, I have no motivation to continue my playthrough that I've already suspended for several weeks now. So I might as well post the remaining bugs I've encountered so far (which I would normally have posted after completing my playthrough) and be done with the game. Then the developer can decide if he fixes these bugs (he probably won't). Since I was one of the last and only people who had bought the game before it became "donationware", I'm disappointed by the developer's radio silence, but it is what it is. Here are the remaining bugs/oversights I've discovered:

- Hollow Town, Katie's house: In the diary entry, Katie is called Kaeli instead.  

- Sand Palace: When refusing to buy bombs (50 bombs for 50 Gold in total) from Kaiden, he decides to give them to the player for free, but at the end, 50 Gold is still subtracted from the player's Gold supply.

- Tower of Babil 1F: The treasure chest that contains 50 bombs can be opened an indefinite number of times.  

- The "Wakewater"(key item) isn't removed from the inventory after using it.  

- Waterfall Basin: After getting the Jumbo Bombs, the ice boulder (which the player is supposed to use a Jumbo Bomb on) simply disappears and the ice block in that segment is already placed on the blue ground switch (I'm not sure what that switch is even supposed to do). Also, in the upper left corner of Waterfall Basin's map, a Daphne sprite can now be seen, and behind her a Jumbo Bomb in front of a blue door (when leaving and reentering the map, only the blue door remains).  

- Ice Pyramid, first map: The treasure chest right of the ice block is also invisible (like the monster in front of it).

- Ice Pyramid 4F: It seems the blue ground switch can't be activated by pushing the ice block on it alone, the player has to step on the switch first and then push the ice block on it.

Do you still plan to fix the Hellmouth Hill treasure chest trophy issue or has it already been fixed?

Thanks for letting me know, then I'll save my money for now and reevaluate my options later.

I already used version 1.04 when I encountered the Hellmouth Hill treasure chest trophy issue, and I don't see any update since I reported this issue, so I'm still not sure if I can resume my playthrough now and still get the trophy afterwards after downloading the new version once it's available. While I don't like extended breaks when playing a JRPG, I think I'll put my playthrough on hold until there's a fix for the trophy issue that works immediately and guaranteed.

Thanks for your reply. "Typical bugs in RPG Maker games" has become such a dominant thought pattern in my mind that I might not be able anymore to recognize all Mystic Quest Easter Eggs. ;)

I really like the intricate dungeon design, and it's great to see how some areas are surprisingly linked to each other. Since I could only see the red treasure chest in Ice Pyramid 3F and not the teleportation panel leading to it, I thought it was inaccessible, but I'll keep the possibility of teleportation panels in mind from now on in case I'll stumble upon another seemingly inaccessible treasure chest.

Is it safe to continue my playthrough or should I wait for the next update? I can't figure out exactly how the trophies work (how the requirements are set up, how and how often the game checks for the completion of requirements), so I don't know if the trophies can "fix themselves" later. Although I even conserved a save file before opening the last treasure chest in Hellmouth Hill, that might not help later with regards to the related trophy, dependent on how it works.

Soon, I'll need to make a tough call and decide whether I should spend all my money on stat boosters right now. :D

I would appreciate it greatly if the developer could answer a few questions. Otherwise, only an unwinnable boss fight against my "fear of missing out" awaits me. ;)

- Winter Cavern, 2F: Right of the two adjacent treasure chests, there's a map transition, but it simply loops itself. Is/was something (room/etc.) supposed to be there? At least the player doesn't seem to miss anything, since the Winter Cavern related monster slaying and treasure chest trophies can be earned nonetheless.

- Ice Pyramid, 2F (dead end when taking the northernmost stairs leading upstairs on 1F): Using the sword on this floor (it doesn't matter where) opens a door here, but it's solid and can't be strode through. Another room that was scrapped for the final version?

- Ice Pyramid, 3F: There's a closed off, inaccessible red treasure chest. Is there a way to reach it? The Ice Pyramid treasure chests trophy can be earned without opening this treasure chest, if it can be even reached at all.

- Hellmouth Hill: How many treasure chests must be opened to earn the respective trophy? I've opened 8 so far without getting the trophy, so I'm wondering if the trophy's broken or if the dungeon opens up later (I've explored the area as soon as possible, i.e. after receiving the Multi-Key from Kaiden).

Thanks in advance for any help!

Thanks, the adjustments you made have led to a more enjoyable experience. Finally, not every battle is equivalent to a life-threatening situation. :D

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While I can tell that a lot of work went into the game, which is a feast for the eyes, there are some things that I find annoying:

- Not only does the "Poison" status carry over at the end of a battle (unless it's cleared by a level-up), it isn't shown in the main menu unless you click on the sub-menu "Status" (there's an indication when moving around, but that doesn't apply to the world map). Antidotes can't be bought (for now?), monsters don't drop any, and it's probably better to save the few ones found in treasure chests for boss battles. As a consequence, each time a party member is poisoned, I'm more or less forced to return to an inn. Edit: At least Jacob learns "Heal1" at level 15, and cure items can be bought after completing the "Sand Palace", so from now on status conditions shouldn't give me as much trouble as before.

- One tile wide passages and moving NPCs are a bad combination, since NPCs (because of their random movement) can block these passages anytime. I lost count how many times the NPC in Hollow Town's inn blocked the way not only into the bed room, but also the way leading to the bed inside the bed room.

- I learned it the hard way that I should always check if a new party member is available nearby before tackling the battlefields on the world map. Maybe it would have been better to prevent the player from fighting on these battlefields with only a single party member.

- Enemies are almost always faster than the player's party members, even when "Haste" is applied. There's no real sense of getting stronger, and I suspect that some form of level-scaling is applied, which is normally enough for me to abandon a game for this reason alone.

- Attacks miss way too often. If the Axe, for example, has an accuracy of 95%, that means missing two attacks subsequently should statistically or on average occur in 1/400 (1/20 x 1/20) instances (0,25%), yet it happens in every second or third battle. Maybe the enemy's evasion is factored in, since there doesn't seem to be an "Evade" prompt.

- Enemy attack patterns seem to rely completely on "A.I. roulette", which means enemies can, in theory, spam their strongest attacks nonstop. Success in battles becomes more difficult to achieve and more reliant on "RNG" this way.

Since I have fond childhood memories of playing "Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest/Mystic Quest Legend" (Super Nintendo) and "Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest (Game Boy), I'll probably continue my playthrough despite these issues, but I thought I should at least make you aware of them. It's perfectly possible, of course, that other players won't be bothered (as much) by these issues.

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I just started the game and noticed one game-breaking issue right at the beginning.

When trying to view the requirements for the final achievement (No. 70, counting from left to right, from top to bottom, following No. 69 "Vampires revenge. Clear out all 10 battlefield rounds."), the game crashes while displaying the following message:


Script 'Jacob Quest Achievements' line 440: NoMethodError occurred.

Please send error report to Spacefarer Games.  

undefined method `size' for nil:NilClass


Patch_rom_003 had been copied into the game's folder beforehand. I thought I should report this issue right away, since I don't know if it will prevent me from claiming the trophy later when its conditions are met.

Edit: It seems the trophies are claimed automatically, but it would still be great being able to check No. 70's requirements at all and without the game crashing.

I don't use social media and the like. If you have any questions, ask away - that's one purpose of the comment section. Note that I didn't play the Gold Version with its 8 new optional bosses.

Yeah, I enjoyed it enough to complete it and post a comment, so that's always a good sign. :)

The game looks interesting. Can you please specify, unless it's supposed to be a secret or surprise, what exactly you mean by "changes gears"? In particular: Will the battle system remain turn-based throughout the game? Since I only like turn-based battles, it would be my greatest fear to play the first hours just to discover that I suddenly had to drop the game. Thanks in advance.

I just finished my playthrough (Steam version), and I'm wondering if I missed anything of importance.

- The optional fight which is probably the easiest to miss is the one against the Eldritch Horror (second world, first planet, first map, puddle on the left side), since it can't be triggered the first time the player reaches this point. This foe can only be fought on the way back, which is near the point from which on the area can't be revisited.

- In the third world, it's possible to fight a Kraken (repeatably) by cruising too long on the sea.

- One treasure chest in the fourth world (the right one outside of Purgatory Prison), which contains nothing of importance, can only be reached by visiting the area prior to when the player is supposed to come here (at this point, the treasure chest is blocked off by NPCs).

- Right before facing the final boss, four hidden ("ultimate") weapons can now be found at the "camp" (Terrace of Gates) by examining the tent, pillars etc.

It seems the Pantheon of the 7 (Terrace of Gates, stairs behind the merchant Azazel) can't be entered at all, or maybe I failed to meet a requirement to unlock it (which would severely hurt my pride as a gamer, but you learn the most from failures).

While I found some bugs, like the inn in New Haven (neither paying nor healing) or the harem inn in the elven city (neither paying nor EXP gain) not working as intended, the game can be finished without encountering any roadblock, except for one issue: At least one enemy inside the optional dungeon in the fourth world uses a skill that is supposed to display an "Explosion2" animation, but there isn't one in the game's respective folder (I just copied the "Explosion1" file and renamed it "Explosion2" to bypass the issue).

Thanks for the insight. :)

I was able to get the Broken Sniper Rifle repaired early on in Adenia's police station, but I didn't know this was supposed to be the connection to what the NPC at Adenia Robotics said.

It's probably for the best that "The Colt" isn't available later, even though I was disappointed at first. If I had known that I needed to purchase "The Colt" before completing the first dungeon, I probably would have slain 2000 "Lv. 5 Elegant" (which drop 500 Gold) to amass the required money. These poor creatures - I already slaughtered enough of them to reach level 30 before venturing deeper into the first dungeon. :D

Thanks for letting me know about Alice. That's one Phantom Core I missed (hopefully the only one), even though I had gone through the whole Demon Cave again after talking to Hemera. Maybe I wasn't thorough enough, since I thought Hemera was probably talking about Fafnir, which I had already obtained at that point. I would check again right now out of curiosity, but your post suggests that Alice can't be encountered anymore at the end of Episode VIII when the player can travel to previously visited locations.

Anyway, kudos for all the well hidden stuff!

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Lastly, I encountered a few (potential) bugs/oversights, which might be worth fixing:

- "St. Hermelin High Uniform (Male)" can only be equipped by Laura, but Leon, being the only male person in the party, should probably be the only one who's able to equip it, shouldn't he? Otherwise, there wouldn't be an armor in this price range for him.

  - Is it intended that the Mystery Merchant sells the gun for 999999 Gold only when meeting him at his first location?

  - Beach Scape, at the beginning of episode 3 after the cutscene at Surt's house: Contrary to prior visits, there isn't a new treasure chest in the northern part (only in the southern part) (might or might not be intentional).

  - Adenia Robotics, weapon development factory: When examining the black-market computer for the first time, Anderson's dialogue is displayed even when he has already left the party (i.e. if the player examines the black-market computer for the first time during episode III onwards).

  - Adenia Academy: If the player revisits the storage room in the west wing later, the cutscene from the end of episode II plays again.

  - Adenia, Silver Lion Casino: The items that can be bought from the vending machines are "empty".

  - Toki's Medicine isn't removed from the inventory after handing it over to Kinshicho's Elder.

  - Demon Cave, Inner Depths: Despite the game hinting at the opposite, the Lady of the Lake heals the party always for free (not only the first time), and she doesn't sell any items.

  - When the party is supposed to return from Nirvana to Vermillion Rouges Guild (Moonlit Town), the player can use the transport station in Nirvana once again to travel to Akihabara, and by entering Thor's room, the cutscene after the boss fight against him plays again. The same happens if the player returns here after having reached the point of no return during Episode VIII.

  - Akihabara: When trying to leave the Apt. Building, the player gets stuck (wrong map transfer point), at least when returning here after having reached the point of no return during Episode VIII (game-breaking). Being able to buy more of the Legendary Bread (that's only available for purchase here) would have come in handy with regards to some of the more challenging boss fights.

  - When Vermillion appears at Mt. Azure's entrance, she can still be found at Vermillion Guild (Moonlit Town) in her office at the same time.

- Tartarus: If the player returns to floor 8 after having beaten the boss, he can't leave the map (game-breaking).

A post for the completionists among us: Are there more than the five EX episodes that I discovered (Adenia, Kinshicho, 2x Nirvana [Mido and Hemera] and lastly - after completing the game once - Tartarus)? Also, I managed to obtain 62 Phantom Cores, which means I'm confident I didn't miss too much of them (a lot of them are permanently missable).

There are a few loose ends, though - in particular:

- Adenia Robotics, weapon development factory: One NPC here mentions a gunsmith at Mt. Azure, whom I didn't manage to find.

- In Adenia (main area, western part), the NPC in the building on the second floor refused to acknowledge my demon slayer achievements until the very end.

- Hemera (Nirvana) mentions that a powerful Phantom Core can be obtained in the Demon Cave. Does she mean Fafnir, whom I had already beaten when I talked to Hemera, or is there another one (which I couldn't find despite scouring the whole Demon Cave once again)?

- There's a tombstone on the Seven Lords Island (previously encountered tombstones all contained optional boss monsters), but it seems the player doesn't get an opportunity to fight this one.

- A demon can be encountered in the Witches' Den (easternmost house, basement), but there's no way to interact with it.

- Even after having completed everything else, the player still isn't allowed to enter the mountains west of the Deep Woods.

- Some locations on the world map, especially the two fortresses near Shirakawa-go, can't be entered.

I would appreciate any information about whether I've missed something in this regard.

I just finished the game after at least 40 exciting hours. It was certainly one of the more difficult JRPGs I've played over the years. I'm worried that players might get stuck if they don't get everything as soon as possible before leaving Nirvana, especially buying all skills at the card shop and the equipment from Loki's dealer.

The most critical segment in this regard is Leon's solo trial during episode VII, since there isn't any way to leave or grind for EXP and money, and I deeply regretted leaving my Tome of the Void (prevents status ailments) with Medoka. Especially Leon's solo fight against Dagda is insanely difficult. Even taunting/enraging Dagda to avoid his spells doesn't help much, since his normal physical attacks are just as strong. This is the second fight after Law vs. Sanda that can make a player give up.

Still, the most frustrating fight was the second one against Metatron. His Hexagram skill, which he can fire off from turn 3 on or even earlier, instantly kills all party members with no way of evading or reflecting it. I don't know if this is the only or preferred way to beat him, but I was finally successful by taunting/enraging him, thus limiting him to normal attacks, and then only damaging him if I was sure that I would get a chance to reapply rage. The random encounters on Mt. Azure on the way to Metatron were no walk in the park, either, and sometimes required very specific steps.

Speaking of unfair skills, the final main storyline boss can - during his second phase - utilize a skill that makes all party members skip at least one turn, so it's advised to beat him as fast as possible. Contrary to that, I could - to my surprise - effortlessly defeat the Reaper (invisible encounter in Tartarus, floor 6), whereas it took me much more time to beat the Angel on floor 1 in the same dungeon.

The last time I was in trouble was against the final boss enemies in Tartarus Tower. While it was soon obvious that I needed to take out the healer first, I was only able to emerge victorious by managing to freeze Baal and avoiding to get constantly one-shot by the main boss. By the way, I'm not sure if I could have defeated any of the late-game bosses without (ab)using the  "Void Claws: Terminus" skill provided by Laura's "S.I.N Claws" - discovering and using all available resources really makes a difference.

So yeah, the enemies are challenging, but for those who don't mind that, I can highly recommend giving this game a try.

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Now I've hit a real roadblock. How am I supposed to beat Sanda with Law alone? The huge issue here is that Sanda's second phase "True Lightning" multi-hit skill kills Law no matter what I do. Of course, I always have "Trick" for evasion+ active on Law, otherwise I wouldn't even survive until the second phase, but the "True Lightning" multi-hit skill always seems to hit despite evasion+ - two normal hits or one critical hit are enough to kill off Law. Is the fight simply unbalanced (unintentionally) or am I missing some important strategic option? Edit: Never mind, I finally figured out that the "Taunt" skill not only includes buffs and an HP increase, but also unlocks even better "Taunt" skills, which is enough of a boost to win the battle.

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I'm enjoying the game immensely at the moment due to its captivating storyline and clever exploration incentives. Unfortunately, I might have maneuvred myself into an unfavorable situation. After Medoka's class change, she's supposed to acquire new skills until reaching the maximum level (50). Does that mean  she won't learn any news skills if I let her reach level 50 before her class change (which I did)? If so, it would be great if you could implement some sort of failsafe, like letting the game check after a battle if it should bestow any skills upon Medoka regardless of a level-up, or maybe create an NPC somewhere that lets here gain all previously "missed" skills. Edit: It seems I was a bit too hasty. I just reached the battle during which Medoka's class change really took effect, and it seems she has access to all skills. Sorry for doubting you. :D

I always try to have all locations in mind that I can visit at any given moment (and if there's a reason for another visit), so with and in a game as huge as yours, some mistakes are bound to happen, but considering your game's scope, you didn't let much or anything serious slip through. Players like me, who scale the Tower of Ragnarok in your game a second time (just because it wasn't possible before to explore the boss room manually), tend to maneuver themselves into tricky situations (on purpose). :D

Yeah, you did a really good job with the story. Among my favorite moments were the many heartwarming scenes between Cirra and Veltis. On the other side of the spectrum, I was really thrilled when - I'm trying not to spoil too much - certain characters suddenly weren't as "supportive" as before, and the antagonists' motivations were very relatable. The huge last map of the final main storyline dungeon was an epic journey - I think you reached the limit of how large maps created in this engine can be. :)

For anyone who's interested, here's a list of enemy drops/skills that Sohli can learn (although it's really hard to miss them):

Note: All skills can also (and the last one only) be bought/obtained in the post-game dungeon "Shrine of Lust" (for 5000 Gold each - except for "Phoenix Flame", see below). This means you don't have to worry about missing certain skills (Absolute Zero, Detox, Magic Hammer) that can first be found in one-time-only dungeons or dungeons that become unavailable later.


- Flash: dropped by Pigman (50% drop rate), encountered in the dungeon (mountain) areas between North Rosetia and South Rosetia


- Bone Toss: dropped by Spiritus (50% drop rate), encountered at the scrapyard (dungeon) south of South Rosetia


- White Wind: dropped by Dust Devil (50% drop rate), encountered in the dungeon (mountain) area southeast of South Rosetia beyond the highway


- Provoke: dropped by Bonerman (50% drop rate), encountered on the world map north of Loremia.


- Flamethrower: dropped by LaserWalker (50% drop rate), encountered in the laboratory (City of Steel) where the children from Loremia are imprisoned


- Oil Bomb: dropped by Flaming Guard (50% drop rate), encountered in the power plant northeast of Loremia (chapter 3 onwards)


- Holy Rain: dropped by Blight Archer (50% drop rate), encountered in Vakh Aghat's control tower


- 300 Needles: dropped by Cactuar (30% drop rate), encountered on the desert island (and in the oasis dungeon there) east of North and South Rosetia (airship or at least the first improved ship needed)


- Absolute Zero: dropped by Ice Bomb (50% drop rate), encountered in the tower enclosed by mountains north of Tavart - one-time-only dungeon in chapter 3


- Detox: dropped by Floating Imp (50% drop rate), encountered in the swamp dungeon southwest of Serhes (which becomes unavailable at the end of chapter 4)


- Magic Hammer: dropped by Golem Warrior (50% drop rate), encountered at Miliyon Castle (floating dungeon version, outside areas) - one-time-only dungeon in chapter 3


- Confuse Punch: dropped by Demirror (50% drop rate), encountered in Miliyon Castle crater (chapter 4 onwards)


- Cross Slash: dropped by Obliterator (50% drop rate), encountered inside the Eternal Lord's tower in the City of Steel


- Deadly Horn: dropped by Dethcorn (50% drop rate), encountered in the dungeon (mountain) area between Zorgozia and the Mountain Fortress


- Toxic Vine: dropped by Sea Serpent (50% drop rate), encountered in the Sea Shrine dungeon on the northern continent


- Blessing: dropped by Icy Menace (50% drop rate), encountered in the dungeon (mountain) area east of Fiorr (from the northern exit) and in the snow field (side quest 12 location) beyond the aforementioned dungeon (from the northern exit)


- Bad Breath: dropped by Malboro (66% drop rate), encountered in the swamp dungeon far west of Serhes and in the Tower of Ragnarok (floors above the Protector Beta boss) (chapter 5)


- Pandora's Box: dropped by Hell Warlock (50% drop rate), encountered in the Rift Dimension inside the Citadel of Two Worlds (final main storyline dungeon) beyond the City of Light

  - Phoenix Flame: dropped by Dyzio (100% drop rate), encountered in the post-game dungeon "Shrine of Lust" (first boss encounter)

I just completed my playthrough (including the secret ending); it took me way more than the advertised "over 30 hours", which is good, because this game is a really fun, epic adventure with an excellent translation (from Polish to English). The story with its strong twists and the dialogues are what I enjoyed the most, and the huge dungeons provide a decent challenge, although it's impossible to get lost because of their linear structures.

You might want to fix a few bugs and oversights that I encountered during my playthrough, even though a bit of creativity is required to even find them at all:

- Opportunities to permanently lose vehicles (game-breaking):

-- Directly entering Rughe from the ship (from the southern or eastern side) makes it impossible to reach the ship again (and I think it's not possible to reach a dock from here where the ship could be respawned).

-- The missing port near Rughe probably breaks the game in some instances if the player directly enters Eleter from the improved ship, since there's no way to return to Branndal (before the portal in the City of Steel becomes available during chapter 4).

-- Landing the airship below the leftmost building of Nuven, then entering the city.


- Obstruction mapping:

-- On the first underground map inside the ship that Astar and Zeart are tasked to infiltrate, the player is supposed to reach the stairs in the northeastern part. There's a shortcut: The wall left of said stairs isn't solid.

-- If the player returns later to Alcaria's room in the City of Steel's club, the barrel that previously blocked access to the stairs is now invisible (but still blocks access to the stairs).


- Treasure chests don't stay open after having been opened.


- The "Heal Omega" item actually teaches the "Heal Alpha" skill.

- Crystal Brooch's item description doesn't mention the fact that this accessory not only prevents debuffs, but also prevents poison.

- Tavart: The player can initiate the fight to leave the town prematurely (with only Cirra and Veltis in the party and Rilai missing, and later with Cirra alone) by approaching the topmost guard.


- After traversing the canyon, when the party is supposed to go to Eleter: The checkpoint to the southeast can be accessed/bypassed by running into any of the two towers from above and then entering from the side.


- Side quest 4: Before engaging and after defeating the boss monster (Cannibal Chicken), Cirra utters her dialogue lines, even when she isn't present (which is the case when Veltis, Rilai and Astar first reach Rughe). Other exclusive ("we can't enter this location now/yet/anymore") dialogue of Cirra is affected too, for example when trying to enter the Great Wall, even though the party hasn't been reunited with Cirra yet.


- Branndal: In the long cutscene during which Rettav explains the next steps, the second time the next location (Loremia) and the directions leading there are mentioned, Rettav mistakenly says "northwest" (wrong) instead of "northeast" (right) like before.


- Loremia: When leaving the equipment shop, the player is placed outside of the Elder's hut (map transfer error).


- Sequence-breaking during chapter 2: After completing the Branndal tunnel dungeon and regaining control of Cirra's party in Loremia, the player can just return to Branndal, thus skipping the mandatory dungeon north of Loremia.


- From the moment the party is supposed to return to Miliyon Castle during chapter 3, passage through the port northwest of Branndal isn't blocked anymore, but the remaining NPCs still say "You can't go through here!" when being talked to.


- Empire continent, fortress in northeastern part (where the party fought the final chapter 1 boss and encountered Evelyn): If the player returns near the boss room and goes past the "We can't go there!" barrier, he will get permanently stuck without any opportunity to warp out of the dungeon (game-breaking).

  - The three previously cleared barrier towers can't be left when entered from chapter 4 onwards (game-breaking).

Thanks for a great game. I hope that more players will discover and enjoy this game. In this regard, it would probably be a good idea to create game pages on sites like or

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I think it's really hard to recommend this game. To be honest, its decent length is its only saving grace. Story, dialogues and "humor" are cringe-worthy (even when not considering all the spelling mistakes and the annoying fourth wall breaking stuff), and the joke ending is unsatisfying. Referencing one of the jokes I didn't quite get: I wouldn't have paid (only) 27 Dollars for this game. The most infuriating aspect was definitely the character Phoenix and his incessant bullying of Veris without any intervention from other party members. What a stupid, shitty brat.

While I should have discovered most of the game's contents, I couldn't find a key to open the building in the upper right corner in the Thieves' Hideout in Dead Forest. Also, if there ever was a window to revisit the prison from the game's beginning, I seem to have missed it.

Here's a useful hint to make the game less difficult:

Buy the Abandoned House Key at Hillsfar's item shop (10000 Gold) (warning: can only be done until completing Arcadia Desert Ruins, and it's recommended to do this before entering the Storage Building in Shintosaki City). Backtrack to the Abandoned House, find the hidden basement inside and there the Flaming Demon Sword for Kellus. Now you can comfortably slay Foxmen (Hard) in Innisgonie Labyrinth to earn EXP and money. By renting the premium room at Hillsfar's inn (5000 Gold), all party members gain one level. Since enemies drop more money the higher your party members' levels are, you can alternate between fighting Foxmen (Hard) and sleeping in the premium room until all party members have reached the maximum level (99). You have to repeat this process later after further members have joined the party (Fukhed, Shiro), but the process gets significantly easier and faster if the first four party members are already at level 99 (use Veris in your active party, since her presence somehow doubles Gold earned from defeating enemies, which the game doesn't tell you). The method becomes permanently unavailable later (i.e. Hillsfar's inn after completing Arcadia Desert Ruins and Innisgonie Labyrinth after the following events at Hillsfar). At that point, you have to rely on level-up items from Port Cauforte (black market item shop) that only level up one party member by one level, but cost 15000 Gold (and become permanently unavailable as soon as you recruit Kano in Port Cauforte).

Unfortunately, the game is (was) plagued by bugs (Edit: Apparently the developer fixed them). In accordance with Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong: If the player deviates even slightly from the scheduled path, he will be punished (or at least be afraid of punishment). The following bugs are only what I bothered to write down, and most of them are part of a pattern that also applies to similar aspects.

- Some skills are usable outside of combat, but shouldn't be (e.g. Phoenix: Absorb All, Magic Defence Up [the latter one might be intentional]; Shiro: ATK Up Self [might be intentional]; Fukhed: Lightning Punch). Conversely, it's weird that Azalea can't use Regenerate HP outside of combat, but can use everything else. Speaking of skills, many skill descriptions are flawed or even missing completely.

- The Green spheres until Dead Forest don't work as intended: "Heal" only heals HP, but not MP, so the player has to choose "Revive", which heals HP and MP (even of alive party members).

- Prison at the beginning: It doesn't make sense that the player has to repeat the whole sequence (waiting for a guard, picking up the dropped key, opening the door) when choosing "No" at the second or last junction. For example, if the player has already picked up the dropped key, why does he have to repeat the whole sequence instead of simply having to open the door?

- Hillsfar: When reentering Hillsfar from the mountains, there are suddenly random encounters with enemies inside the village (which are really hard and unrewarding at this point). This issue affects the town's first and final versions. These random encounters should (only) appear when the party is supposed to return to Hillsfar (the town's second version).

- Raos Monastery, coliseum: When speaking to the tournament NPC again after winning all fights, the last (two) fight(s) can be repeated.

- Raos Monastery, coliseum: There's a two tiles wide back exit at the northern end that the player can/must take back to the world map, but stepping on one of these tiles triggers a boss fight. The problem here is that triggering this boss fight on one tile doesn't deactivate the trigger for the other tile, which means the player can return here later and repeat the boss fight on the other tile. The same happens later at the Tomb of Ithos (the last boss here can be fought two times).

- When the player is supposed to visit Shintosaki City, nothing prevents him from exploring south of Shintosaki City, which probably includes the opportunity for sequence-breaking if it's possible to acquire the "airship" prematurely.

- Shintosaki City: The player can get permanently trapped by the female NPC and her movement in the boxes area (game-breaking).

- When returning later to the Thieves' Hideout within Dead Forest (center building), most people previously encountered (that fled or were defeated) are suddenly there again and standing. They can still be seen here even after their final defeat south of Iglis.

- Storage Building: Similar to the Raos Monastery coliseum exit issue (see above), one cutscene (there's so much food) can be triggered two times (once for every tile).

- Storage Building: The last cutscene before the boss fight (so many stacked boxes) is triggered every time the player walks over the trigger tile, effectively making it impossible to backtrack at this point.

- If the player leaves Akana Beach using the boat, then leaves the boat (lower right tile of Shintosaki City) and reenters the boat (and thus Akana Beach), the boat will become invisible (which can be fixed by leaving Akana Beach towards the world map again), but if the player leaves Akana Beach towards the Storage Building now instead, the boat will disappear completely (game-breaking). The boat also becomes unavailable at Akana Beach (game-breaking) if the player enters Shintosaki City from the boat. In the same fashion, the player permanently loses the "airship" by landing it on Shintosaki City's lower right tile, then entering the city.

- World map: The small area between Arcadia Desert and Theommetha Village is encircled by mountains, but the player can still slip through the sides. By doing this, it's possible to acquire the boat north of the village prematurely.

- Theommetha Village: The weapon shop is labeled as accessory shop (on-screen label).

- Theommetha Village: After resting at the inn, the village can be left without speaking to the village's leader first.

- Theommetha Village: After resting at the inn, the scene where Miko joins the party when trying to leave the village is played again each time the player reenters and tries to leave the village (until the issue at hand is resolved, i.e. the next dungeon completed). Players have to be careful not to stumble upon this issue later, since Miko's level is reset to the initial value (19) when this happens.

- After returning from Arcadia Desert Ruins, the cutscene that previously played when entering Raos Monastery plays again. 

- After returning from the Fire Pit to Hillsfar: When entering the weapon shop, the NPC in the lower left corner should be lying on the ground, but instead moves around like a zombie.

- After the player has been brought to the Peaceful Forest, there's no direction: The player can - and probably will - do things out of order (I suppose at least the Tomb of Ithos and Raven's Ruins can be skipped by acquiring the "airship" right away, and then it should be possible to skip Iglus, which means the player gets to keep Azalea as a party member until the end). Someone is supposed to give the party the quest to slay the Gods, but I didn't encounter anyone who would advance the plot. Speaking about the Gods: The player can choose to kill or spare the final God, but despite the God proclaiming to return the favor when being spared, this topic is never mentioned again.

  - Ketho's Ruins, F2: When the player activates the switches to make the bridge appear, but then leaves the map back up to F1, the bridge disappears and the switches can't be activated again (this doesn't happen when the player is warped out of the dungeon after the boss fight and reenters the map in question). The activated bridge also disappears when the player is brought back to the map entrance after trying to reach the treasure chest in the lower right corner.

- Ketho's Ruins: Isn't the fog supposed to disappear after defeating the boss?

- Hillsfar, when returning here after one's business here is finished: It seems no one took care of the poor armor shop NPC. There are also still three NPCs inside the mayor's house and a chopped in half cook NPC (the latter one could already be seen during the second visit).

- Port Cauforte: The guards at the town's entrance can be spoken to normally (from the sides) even when the party is only comprised of Kellus and Kano, but these guards attack the party when trying to leave the town with Kano in tow.

- Tomb of Ithos: There aren't any sprites for the boss monsters to be seen.

- Tomb of Ithos: The Red Lever Rod isn't removed from the inventory after having been used.

- The sub boss at Raven's Ruins can be fought an indefinite number of times.

- During Gladiolus's flashback when recruiting him: For some reason, Azalea accompanies him (probably because I initiated the flashback at a time when Azalea should have already left the party permanently). Also, when trying to enter Kano's house in the lower left corner during the flashback, Kellus's dialogue is shown as usual. After triggering the scenes (after both scenes) at Alastor and Alexia's house, when speaking to Alastor and Alexia, they already utter dialogue lines that would only make sense if the player returns later to Cauforte with the full party. If the player enters the cemetery in Peaceful Forest during the flashback, the other party members can be seen standing around, but they shouldn't be here at this point (maybe the cemetery shouldn't even exist in this form), since this is supposed to be a flashback. It shouldn't be possible to leave Peaceful Forest to the south at this point. After returning from the hunt, but before returning to Alastor and Alexia's house, it doesn't make sense that Gladiolus says he needs to investigate the town when trying to leave Cauforte. If the player has already recruited Kano in Port Cauforte, Kellus's dialogue is shown even during the flashback when the player tries to go "out of bounds". Although I couldn't test it, it's probably possible to recruit Kano during the flashback if the player hasn't already done so. Finally, the Caite Meat isn't removed from the inventory after the flashback has ended.

- It seems Gladiolus can't use his skill "Rogue Cleave" during battle.

- Kingdom of Salem, Stairs to Rich District: When talking to the Tired Rich Kid from any other side than from below, his sprite disappears.

- Kingdom of Salem, castle (throne room): The player doesn't need to collect the cooking ingredients and can simply walk past the reminder (although I don't know if delivering the ingredients is necessary to gain access to the Cave of Solitude).

- Snowfall Mountain, during the last boss fight against the Ice Giant: If the boss casts Frostbite, the following effects fail to load (which is game-breaking, unless the player adds files of these names to the folder):



- Kenzo and Asta can still be encountered at Kingdom of Salem's castle (throne room) even after having joined the party. 

- Temple of Elis: The cutscene (about having to press a switch to create a bridge) in front of the bridge plays even when the bridge has already been created and the player nears this area for the first time. 

- Immortal Fortress, Shido's Chamber: When leaving and reentering the map, the already defeated Shido can be seen sitting on his throne again.

Edit: It seems the developer has fixed the aforementioned bugs, so hopefully other players will have a more pleasant experience (at least technically).

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This game shows a lot of promise for your first game "of reasonable size and scope" - I liked the excellent writing and the differently structured character quests in particular.

Here are the bugs I encountered during my playthrough in case you want to improve on some aspects:

- Obstruction mapping (examples): 

-- Segmented wall part in Berngarde's castle (upper right corner)

-- Cracked wall tiles, like in the house in Ogden (where the miners' gold is supposed to be hidden), in Junibia (cracked wall tiles outside, which even let the player skip a boss fight [granted, there's also a legitimate way to skip said boss fight]), in Greenwood Forest (shrine/portal in northeastern part), inside the Crossroads Inn (endgame)

-- Castle Tarquin, second floor, clock in room in lower right corner; in the same room, the tile the NPC stands on becomes solid after he has disappeared (and when leaving and reentering the map, the NPC stands on said tile again, but can’t be interacted with).

-- Castle Tarquin, third floor, window in room in upper right corner

-- Mirror in Succubus Lounge 

- There are some directional marker issues (objects or NPCs change their sprites when examined from different directions), for example concerning the portal in Sidonia's room (Wizard Academy in Berngarde), the injured soldier at Tusk Camp, the drunken soldier at Kort's Cove, the injured soldiers at Fort Daybreak, the Cult Runestone bearer


- Rugged Axe costs 60 Gold instead of 600 Gold.


- If the player declines to visit Tusk Camp and then agrees after speaking to Koji again, Ito says something despite not having joined the party yet.


- The Old Veteran in the Tusk Camp doesn't talk about Zork when Gail is about to fight him, instead he talks about Hana and Zork in succession after Gail has already defeated Zork and is about to fight Hana.


- Tusk Camp: Master Krugi's last dialogue mentions the final match when the first match hasn't even started yet.


- Tusk Camp: When choosing the dialogue option "There has to be a better way" after Gail's fight against Chuck, Gail mentions Ito even when he hasn't joined the party yet.


- Ogden: If the player leaves the house in the upper right corner without opening the treasure chest, the house can't be entered again, thus Ito can't be freed and the passage inside Ogden's Quarry remains blocked (game-breaking).


- Dwarvish Blasting Gel shouldn't be usable from the menu (even though using it doesn't interfere with the completion of the related side quest).


- Kort's Cove: When entering the building right of the inn, the player also ends up inside the inn.


- Junipia: If the player talks to Captain Karper from the right side with all party members lined up from left to right, the game will freeze after the inevitable fight, because Emir Deeb is blocked off from the tile he's supposed to reach when walking into the bar (game-breaking).


- After obtaining the second Fell Seal (and onwards): When trying to enter Junipia via ship, Tiberius still prevents the party from doing so, even though he isn't on board anymore.


- After obtaining the third Fell Seal (only before speaking with Beatrice at Timberg): The player can enter Greenwood Forest again, where the cutscene during which the party obtains the third Fell Seal repeats itself, granting the player another copy of the third Fell Seal.


- During Porthos' character quest: After telling Sidonia about the Revealed Letter, the Revealed Letter can be obtained again where it was previously found.


- The side quest "Ad-hoc Exorcism" (still) can't be completed (I talked to the nun with exactly 4 Necromancer Tomes in my inventory, tried again later with 10 and 13 to no avail). Even more confusing: After completing Castle Tarquin, the nun gives the party a failed quest speech, while the soldiers that supposedly couldn't be rescued by using the Necromancer Tomes are vitally alive. The bug has been reported before, but isn't fixed yet in version 1.2.


- Castle Tarquin, third floor: Despite what Neve tells the party, there doesn't seem to be any random encounters on this floor.

  - Ending: Porthos' sequence was shown for a second without any text and then skipped during my playthrough.

It's really not that much when taking into account how many possibilities you had to consider because of the quest structures. Thanks for an entertaining game, and I hope this won't be your last JRPG endeavor.