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I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you are doing well

Thank you so much! Really appreciate the kind words.

Thanks, glad you liked the music!

Thanks! I'm quite happy with how the music ended up, and glad you liked the game :)

Thank you so much! Congrats on the pinball one too :)

I can't believe I didn't find this game sooner, this is absolutely amazing! The level of polish and surprising amount of depth you got of the classic box sliding mechanics is really well done, just the ability to grab/attach ice blocks to yourself makes for some really interesting level design and problems. You did such a good job keeping the system space small while creating lots of diverse and intriguing levels within them. I'd be really interested to see a version/an additional feature where you can have two players and two goals, that may add a lot of interesting nuances to the system space (although maybe too much for a player to balance). Gameplay aside, the music and visuals are so well polished. Such small details like the triggers and boxes scaling up and down on click didn't go unnoticed and it gives the game a ton of personality and polish. Even the character while simple in design has nice feedback to it when it hits blocks or slides around. And, of course, obviously, undoubtedly, that soundtrack is sick. I found this game after getting recommended "Diamonds" on SoundCloud and the whole thing is amazing. I think your art style and even just font weirdly fits so well with your music style, though I'm not sure if that's just because I've heard lots of your past music as well. Can't wait to see what you make next!

This is a really nice model, and overall has a great cohesive style to it. I wish there was a bit more to explore, with interesting areas that you could invent stories around, but it does have a great start towards a nature exploration game. I think if you had added a couple colliders with trees and houses to prevent walking into them it would help the world feel a bit more real. Additionally, scaling down the fox size to be more traditionally sized and adding the ability for the player to stop and start might help to give the map a much larger feel without having to do too much more work, and give it more of a sense of personal exploration.

grazie :)

The system is called Cellular Automata, sort of like that Game of Life thing, only instead of each pixel moving/cloning/despawning based on its surrounding pixels, it moves to a new position on the grid based on its surrounding pixels and its material type. There was a really good tutorial about it:

From there it just makes colliders and buoyancy areas based on the pixels so that the ball and fish can bounce and float :)
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Thanks for the feedback! I definitely need to find a way to spawn obstacles in such a way that there are fewer random difficulty spikes, while also expanding into more diverse obstacles. I've been obsessed with making seamless loops, so the background was made in After Effects and exported as a png sequence for Unity's animator. I took the image below and added a kaleidoscope effect, then just did a little transition (that circle that "wipes" inward) to have it start over at the beginning frame of the kaleidoscope movement. If you ever need one for a game let me know, they're quite fun to make :)

Thank you so much this is some great feedback! And the song is Similar Outskirst - Amber. I meant to link it in the description but I'll do it now.

First and foremost, I really love the mesh deforming of the player/the way pressing the spacebar feels. It gives the player a burst of speed compared to the opponents who, while fast, can't beat you spamming the space bar. With that said, the game then becomes about reeling in and managing your direction /speed to round the turns without bumping into a wall and having to do a full u-turn. I found that staying closer to the inner/right side wall at all times worked best as if you collided you'd still stay relatively on course. I had some issues when I neared the outer/left wall, since while it felt like the accurate direction to bounce towards after hitting it, the orientation of the arrow itself felt like it should've remained more forward (instead of turning to the direction of velocity). This led to a couple periods of frustration where I'd have to make a complete U-Turn after a mistaken overcorrect.  Now I am curious how this game might feel if the direction of your player's rotation changed based on which wall you hit, such that you rotated CCW for each outer wall, and CW for each inner wall. Still a really cool game, with a minimap and some more maps this would be a fun game for coolmath or miniclip!

This is a very interesting game, I really love this aesthetic and the fact that I can recognize it back from your work in intro to vis comm shows that it's a very exciting style. The animations are incredibly well done on their own, but I think within the game there are some instances where the attacks are not well enough marked to react. Some of this, I think could be easily solved by adding some additional sound effects. Most needed areas for that would be when the boss begins his charge attack or a stasis attack. There were some times when the boss would do a triple slash, and on the third motion when he raises his arm there seemed to be around a 50/50 chance that it would be a charge slash vs. a slash. I'd take a lot of hits there because I either assumed to block or assumed to start charging my own counter slash. The other difficult read was the double arm attack, where one is stasis, while the other isn't. I didn't know which was going to come first necessarily, and up until seeing that, I primarily assumed that "seeing purple = spam spacebar." Maybe making both arms purple even if just one is stasis-attacking, or when there is the one orange/one purple situation, having a clear visual or sound effect to dictate which arm is going to attack first would resolve this.  Overall, this type of dodging/fighting game is really difficult to create well (especially when you're only given one button) and I think you managed to get a lot of depth out of it. Great job :)

This is a super great idea and as people have said before feels like a solid start to one of those popular freemium mobile games. I like the hectic feel of quickly cycling through several colors in later stages, and I definitely appreciate the max speed on the gravity to allow you to pull off those changes/split second reactions. I wish that in addition to amount of colors increasing, so did the player's speed, even if the ball was just a bit faster to begin with and never changed. One thing I wished at the beginning of playtesting was for the circles displaying the color order/cycle to be a bit more prominent when adding a new color. It was pretty clear that it was a toggle when there were only two colors, but once a third got added, some blinking or added UI scale to alert the player of that change would be helpful. The other thing I might say regarding the aesthetics is that the z-depth of the platforms sometimes made it confusing whether or not you would hit a specific platform when you were near the edge. Maybe scaling the z down a bit, or adding a soft straight down light to cast a shadow on a platform would help! Overall, this is a super fun and promising prototype!