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Yaaaaaay! Thanks so much for checking it out!  I'm really glad it made you laugh!

Thanks for checking it out!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you liked it! There are three of them and a single repeat, so see if you can get the all!  My favorite two ones are the "cliff" Obama ending and the "Let Obama solve the puzzle" ending!

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Thanks! It's meant to be a joke game and my first time coding so this meme of a game is the result!  Thanks again for checking it out!


Trailer soon to follow!

Full Voice Acting update NOW LIVE!!

Just finished recording a couple hundred lines of Dialogue!  The page will be updated with the fully Voiced version soon, as well as a new trailer for the game!

Check out the new Visual Novel!  Voice acting will be here soon.

Coming in at around 1 hours for all the endings, this satirical comedy will have you laughing your lungs out!


Is there anywhere I can find the controls?  It took me a few minuets before I was able to get past the opening menu and When I paused I now cant close it.  Every key I hit just types letters in the far bottom right text box thing, any help?

Awwesome, Thanks!

You  do a masterful job constructing your game world an lore and I love the voice acting!  The gameplay and animations are amazing as well!  I am enjoying it from a gameplay perspective and had an idea.  What if you added a "Censored" mode?  WAIT DON"T LEAVE!  Hear me out.  Not only would this amazing game reach far more people, but it would be incredibly easy to add.  Instead of having it go to a H-scene, it would just respawn you.  You could easily alter the code to do this, just  by having it "Jump" back to the 'saved game' block of the code, no issues.  It would be way easier to recommend this game with this option, and fans of metroidvanias in general would love it!

I say this in full respect of this game.

Thanks and I hope this makes it in!