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Diogo Ferreira

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Hello Joey!

The tech tree in the available build is locked.

We are working on a new build with the game totally reworked, including the tech tree.

Also, thanks for showing interest in the game, we hope to show more of the game soon.

Best Regards,

Eskimo Studios

Thanks for the support and kind words!

Already updated the game (you can read the changes in the devlog but both your complains are fixed now!).

I probably will try to work a bit on the game but won't be my main focus.

I just want to create a polished short demo and have a nice proof of concept about this tale.

Thanks again!

Hey guys! I didn't had much time to work on this game but really wanted to join this game jam, so I've improved my game now,  with dialogues, voice-over and another small adjustments. Also will put music and sound effects later today so I'd really hope you can give me some feedback on it!

Also: If you rate my game I will rate yours back!

Still lacking music, sounds, some gameplay and background story but didn't had much time to work on it. Fell free to criticize, I like to know where to improve! (btw the game at this stage is not really an horror game, just a bit creepy).

Yeah, didn't work on any optimization. Actually didn't had much time to work on the game properly.

Will improve it in the next days, mostly adding audio, fixing bugs and optimizing it.

Thanks anyway Kirito, very nice to hear that :D

One of my favourites! Great visual style and love the different variety of gameplay.

In terms of what could be better, in the part of dodging meteors, the ship should move more naturally and not with so much acceleration, the asteroids should be more spaced and the ship shouldnt be able to teleport to the other side by going to the edge of one side.

But yet again, it's a jam game. All this stuff is just polishing ^^

Great work buddy!

The game is cool but I was really lost while playing it.

I would sugest:

- The player need to walk faster or be able to sprint

- Some type of ingame tutorial/how to play/keys

- Some UI to help guide the player on the actions he can do (UI appearing when he gets close to something he can interact)

Other than that, keep the good work! :D

Hello, thanks for the interest!

You can post it here, or send it by email:


For now I'm developing this game solo and I'm doing a huge rework on the game mechanics. I believe a demo will be available soon but can't give you a specific date for now.

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Thanks a lot! You can also  follow our updates in twitter ( )
We will try to publish a demo version of the new version soon as well.

Good to hear that!

This version still lacks content but we are working hard to improve it.
Expect important updates to be released until the end of the month.

Be free to leave us feeback anytime you play the game!

Eskimo Studios

Obrigado por testares o blodoffer e pelo feedback!

Como já mencionámos anteriormente o jogo ainda se encontra numa fase inicial de desenvolvimento e de momento é pouco ou nada "user friendly". Também se encontra com muitos bugs, entre eles os que disseste.

Vamos continuar a desenvolver nos tempos livres e tentar melhorar as mecânicas existentes, assim como adicionar novas features e alguns reworks.

Sempre que lançarmos updates lançamos patch notes, por isso fica atento.

Obrigado outra vez,

Black Lotus

Thanks for playing our game!

Blodoffer is still in early development and at the moment it lacks instructions.

We'll keep updating it, make sure you follow its journey!

Thanks again,

Black Lotus