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They could've handled debugging much more better if they wanted to imho.7

Prior to it being his first game,Yames made a really fuckin short religious choice game that you give your limbs or organs to the God itself and receive nothing in the way.İt leads to the death in the end,all of your choices.You see other people suffering from that on the way you are walking.He tried to tell that in the way,everything you do leads to the death

''Aqua Catholicism''...A scientist who refuses the traditional church and neither gets satisfied with the modern Science and wants to go in his own way...To find the God and its ''Biblicaly Accurate Angels''.Game mechanics are really basic and reminiscent from the Amiga games like Elvira and Darkseed and has a really surreal and psychedelic art style to it.You have refilled your oxygen tank and replenished your nets and now it is time to skim the ocean surface and find some artifact.Lovecraft would have really liked this game if he was alive.

Mid game that was caught in that whole ''Found Footage'' indie craze.The fourth wall breaks were cool needless to say and the end really makes you to question ''wtf just happened???''

A body horror experiment in the indie game scene.What if David Cronenberg were to leave the cinema and were to learn some coding and some pixel art?Well,this masterpiece right here would be present in that new marriage.Year is 2040,and people in that age are trying to find new ways to fit in to the society.Traditional values like Church and the Family are obliterated because of a new devices that can make your body to mutate into a new metamorphosis conclusion creature.Yames' surreal and psychedelic art style shines here again and the game mechanics are really basic but it really supports the plot and the poor man's metamorphosis story.Like every other short horror story,it makes you wonder ''wtf happened???'' in the end.Only negatife appearance of the game is it does not have much of an backstory to story's backbone need.A definite must play.4 out of 5

A really cool idea but didn't worked good on the paper.

Game is way slower than expected for a 8-bit game and audio shreds your ears like a 70s style distorted synth.

Mechanics are complex for a simulator and could be directed with a basic mouse movement,that would have been better for a game like this and make it not only enjoyable but much much better.

All the stars are the copy of others with the exception of color change.

Needs a better development process.


Feed your little BitBuddy,make him fight in a Duel RPG,gave him a party hat and even get him into a holiday trip but DO NOT CLOSE THE GAME OR HE WİLL DİE!!!!

BitBuddy is a game that wants you to not close it,either way he is going to die.İf you feed him,he'll say that he is actually full and if continue to spam some food the game fill crash and little BitBuddy will DİE.

Get some promo codes and give him a hat,make him travel to a distant location,make him fight in an RPG and watch him evolve.Promo codes are the sprinkle to that game.

He is pretty nihilistic tho so when you reach to a point where he feels full and wants you to quit the game,you will say good bye to your short-lived fella with tears in your eyes and close the game and will think about it for a makes you question your existention in for a short brief moment but saddens you for awhile

Maybe adding some extra feeling for him would be better and a little backstory would be cool for the game,it will make you fidget for 5 to 6 mminutes and will get you in a existentialist point is a pretty good for a short game that is pretty basic.


A lot of game tells a story about protagonist who is trying to fin who is he or her by wanting him or her to discover their surroundings.Well,this game takes that arrow of discovery and points it to you;even to your own skeleton

Vivid Life is about a girl who realizes that she no longer feels in her own body safe and suspects that her skeleton is not hers,so steals a gigantic X-Ray and wanders out of her plaugely brueaucratistic futuristic city and starts to examine herself.

The inspection is really simple;all you got to do is take some X-rays of her and then examine it if it has some clues on it.If you found something,then go cut it.Really simple but plays a major and a lovely way to unfold the story and the plot.

We have an only one music for the whole game and that represents the 8-bit aesthetics minimally but beautiful.

There is 6 ways to bring an end to the game but it still leaves some plotholes left in it but it is only a minor bad part.

I really liked it and gave it a 5/5 shot.A masterpiece in short indie story.

A dying world dismantling in front of your own eyes,while once was a paradise in a fantasy world.This is Iketsuki,a platformer that was heavily influenced from Dark Souls.

The atmosphere that they created with the setting being the post apocalyptic dying world is fantastic and very rare in the community.

Once was a life giver to a paradise,the Starseeds,are waiting you to collect them and use them in the fish pool getting illumination from the big shining orb.Then feed it to the Lovecraftian creature Numen.

Despite world map being small and plot being so simple,that definitely makes that game feel much more major than it seems like.It accomplishes that with only 2 interactable character and I love that part.

Gameplay is kind of repetitive in it but I understand it points out to that only being a small experience.If they were to make a bigger game from it though it could have been much better in my opinion.

Quake mixed with open world post apocalyptic desert set in a surreal comedy-That's how  A Hell Of a Soup can be described as shortly as it can.Oh and add the Postal 2 influence too.

Atmosphere feels gloomy and lighthearted at the same time and game really encompasses that mood like Yin and Yang.Music really adds to that feeling too.

Ingredients are not that hard to find but the map menu really got me confused .I didn't knew where to go and where to look at for the ingredients.Supermarkets were the goofball of the game as the characters behaved randomly and funny.

But when we step onto the game mechanics,we start to tremble in the review.Game needed more gun variety and enemies were scattered around.Even the non-boss enemies were hard to kill.At least the bosses were thought good--a Biblically accurate Seraphim Angel that guards the gates of old city ruins,lawnmower running bulls-.

İt was a fun game to play despite its negative sides

That haunting  early 2000's empty MMOFPS maps that represented the glory of its time with bustling player capacity.

On a random cheap garage sale,an old online game that got cancelled founds its new possesor(or the person that it will posess.)

You start with a ''Place the tape to the television'' image that you can click to and an vintage blue DOS opening screen welcomes you with a close-to-reality oldness and quality.

İn the game selection menu,UI sucessfully emulates that early 90s feel wit the font and old computer screen look.Select a random map that is online and start to have fun(or don't).

In a Catch the Flag game,the realization of the Game's oldness hits you with that creepy and empty feeling cold atmosphere that the game is the most succesful in accomplishing.

Player gets the flag and something weird starts happening and game really shines in that spot

Not to spoil too much; if you are a fan of found footage indie horror,definitely CHECK OUT this game.It is worth your time.