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A lot of game tells a story about protagonist who is trying to fin who is he or her by wanting him or her to discover their surroundings.Well,this game takes that arrow of discovery and points it to you;even to your own skeleton

Vivid Life is about a girl who realizes that she no longer feels in her own body safe and suspects that her skeleton is not hers,so steals a gigantic X-Ray and wanders out of her plaugely brueaucratistic futuristic city and starts to examine herself.

The inspection is really simple;all you got to do is take some X-rays of her and then examine it if it has some clues on it.If you found something,then go cut it.Really simple but plays a major and a lovely way to unfold the story and the plot.

We have an only one music for the whole game and that represents the 8-bit aesthetics minimally but beautiful.

There is 6 ways to bring an end to the game but it still leaves some plotholes left in it but it is only a minor bad part.

I really liked it and gave it a 5/5 shot.A masterpiece in short indie story.