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Story Jam community · Created a new topic Extended Jam

The jam was extended until Monday, due to the lack of submissions.  Good luck!

Story Jam community · Created a new topic Theme Released!


Make a story with gameplay that surrounds around this theme!


So my game, Lost Lights, says that it is published.  It's on my developer page, and I even checked and it is not unlisted.  However, whenever I try to search it, it doesn't appear.  It says I only have 3 games, yet again, when you check my page is says I have all 4.  Point is, my game is published and it's not showing up.  Please help.



Thanks for the feedback!

I was planning to add a lot more, especially with intermission being a store, but I ran out of time due to me entering this in a game jam.

I’m not really working on it anymore but I would if people are really interested in it.

Great feedback— thanks!

No you can't, I need to add more rules!  Yeah sorry but it's a no.

Yes, it generally means nudity.  Gore and blood is allowed as long as its not too excessive (i.e. don't make a realistic image of someone being torn apart limb by limb graphically).  Good luck on the jam :)

Thanks for playing it, along with the feedback!

It's not as fledged out and as good as projects that I take at my own pace... It usually takes me time to come up with an idea.  I ran into the Jam a little late, and due to school, I just knew I had to at least submit something.

Your feedback was really helpful, and again, thank you for checking out my game! :)

I couldn't wait and got it anyways! :>

I know the theme wasn't really incorporated, so I'll ignore that for my comment.

It was a really neat game!  It had great compatibility, nice pixel art/visuals, the audio was awesome as well.  The only bad thing would be innovation- I mean, the art is good and everything, but the idea is just a normal platformer.   To be fair, it is underwater at least in this demo.  It just wasn't incredibly unique.

Other than the theme and innovation, it was an amazing game! :D

Very neat concept!!

Everything was pretty good, but there were some bugs within the game which affected compatibility and fun.  For example, getting stuck and not being able to launch myself anymore.  Other than that, the visuals were decent, but more personality or enhancement would be better.

I set innovation to a 5, such a neat execution of combining color and puzzle.

Overall, an amazing concept that was executed well.  Some bugs affected compatibility and fun and I felt that the art could have done a little better, but that’s me!  I give this an overall experience of 4/5 stars!

Will this ever go on sale?  I'm just afraid that $20 of my birthday money won't be work it-- can someone tell me if it's worth buying this?

Big update!

- Easy and hard orange levels were separated.

- Added the red and purple color.

- Improved Title Screen

- Changed Interface

If you've made it previously, you can use your name animation!

You can use Google Fonts and such, fonts do not count as art assets in your game!  Just be sure each computer can recognize the fonts :)

Thanks for joining!

Hopefully everyone is, and thank you for your enthusiasm!  I'm looking forward to what you submit!