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autosave's set me up moments before a crash, though it interests me how it happened. From what I can tell, at the end of where the chocolate was funneling, where it's transferring both to the left and right at the same time, the moment it started to transfer to the left, the game crashed. I'm not sure if it's the offset position of the miner, the floaty hand I'm using to carry over the choco, the fact I have two overlapping funnel points, or what, but I think the issue has to do with that location. Eh, might be completely wrong, to. Who knows.

Got two incredibly easy rules, so my first run was baby. Love the gambling and memory game~

Rule 1: You can't play 2 odd numbers in a rule

Rule 2: You can't play the number of the most recently captured cards.

I might be wrong, but I believe that one actually means short, not bottomheavy. I lucked out on that one, and there definitely was a more bottomheavy pic a few preys thereafter. Oh, and an important note so you don't waste several hours, you can also find NPCs in the park specifically by using the running path. It's completely separate from the ice cream, fountain, and hot dog stand

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It warms my cheeks to see my glitch hunting actually causing a new mechanic to come into being. Even so, it saddens me to know all of my saves are officially glitched out the wazoo with how backwards and incorrect the triggers for them are. For crying out loud, on my Arci only save, I was getting Abby 'dating' dialogue for random events. The opposite happened on my Abby save. Plus, new dialogue and getting those extra quest items wiped is SO TEMPTING.

...I should honestly wait until the game's fully completed, seeing as how I intend to do one run for each dateable option.


random dog spawn startled the french fluff out of me.

I counted way more than 6 cats in this.


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short, simple, and to the point at the moment. A clear sense of humor that lines up with me quite nicely, and a decent mix of story and gameplay. I've already got a few theories on the lore based off of what we've seen so far, of course, my most clear theory being, and forgive those who'd see this is a spoiler for some reason...

Given his flashbacks and cementing of a hero mentality, 'Merc' is either the actual former hero removed and 'retired' from the party to be replaced with someone else, or in a more realistic outcome, a former member of the hero's party after a sour argument had them split up. It'd tie in quite effectively with Autumn's father and his affiliation, sparking more intrigue and personal goals from the both of them when it comes to the potential big confrontation. I've already got a theory or two about potential content in the next few chapters, including the ironic twist of Merc avoiding the hero's party, and le stranger eventually meeting up with the two and revealing where he left to. Cue internal discourse followed by a reveal of what kind of history merc and the hero had.

But once again, this is all intense speculation based on the patterns and plot contrivances of most other stories.

If you tab out, you can offset the music from the gameplay. Truly evil.

I can then say you've definitely delivered with that mentality, though It's admittedly not the style of game that I'm fond of. Regardless of personal opinion, it's a very well built game and can definitely be entertaining to the right audience.

A mix of poor spatial awareness, slow reaction speeds, and bad memory prevent me from playing this game without exploiting it. Doesn't mean I don't love your successful works in recreating that 'retro' style of arcade games.

At the moment, it's nightmarish on a first playthrough to get to where the arrows point because you're not certain if there's a wall in the way or not. The exact location of what I'm going to call 'cravings' is too difficult to be worth going towards. So, the very moment I found out you can enter any building after a short cooldown...

Pizza Gut and Burger Buster are adjacent to one another and take less than 3 seconds to loop back and forth between. They're also very close to the garage, so drifting around into it and returning to the cycle can consistently keep your time high. As long as you don't make a mistake, you can go as high as you want.

Guess I got lucky on the software sync roulette.

Ooh, two days after noticing it, it gets fixed. How nifty.

right click

I figured out how to win consistently.

As early on as possible, aim to be a financial powerhouse. Whenever you play a really good hand, hopefully a 21 sum, striptease in groups and raise in increments of 100. If there's someone you want to single out, constantly fondle them. You do not want to have a high IQ because it'll make your fondle game rough, so spamming striptease to drop from 150 to 100 is a valid plan. Whenever you can overpower anyone with just fondling, whittle down their IQ over long periods of times by extending the round via raises. if they fold, you get all their IQ and money, reducing the pool as a whole, and making yourself even harder to topple.

The best way to prevent this somewhat clear exploit from existing would be to prevent any person from being allowed to raise twice in a row if someone else didn't between raises.

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Normally, I'm pretty thumbs down when it comes to playing VN games and life sims, but something about the main character being a type of psychopath somehow made the last game right up my alley. Can't wait for the full release

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Oh- and a more interesting detail. From what I've experienced, cancels don't actually cancel effects that activate immediately. This includes other cancels. A lot of the time, the AI will try to cancel your cancel, and get nothing out of it.

Game's heavily rigged against Pol atm, who can make money in great rates, but suffers in action and food economy. Ina counters Pol's eating while Scott just consumes so much. Pol's best move is to steal Burger Overdose, which in itself is RNG seeing as how you can't tell when your opponent has it. Follow that up with a theoretical Scott player stealing it back, and you have what is effectively an economy character who can't do anything with its money. It's very satisfying to win by passing a round or two, then stealing everything. Favorite right there.

Glad to hear an exploiter's bane is doing something of value.

I await for the odd day when you fix jumping in the tutorial so you can't skip the whole lever puzzle before encountering le first paladin

It doesn't show in the short-term of a single match like this, but I see the action economy of limited draw power being tricky to work with in the future. With draw power cards being detrimental to yourself to some degree as well, It makes the long-term buildup difficult. You draw more cards the closer to 'bust' you are, but the other cards you have to help you draw cards also get you closer to bust, gradually feeding into itself. It's easily fixed with some smart tactics, but the ability to discard isn't particularly helpful in that regard. If anything, it's foolish to do in the long-term at the moment. As it stands, the only thing I'd really suggest is making a 'reshuffle' option that expends energy, probably make it cost 2 or 3, granted how beneficial it can actually be in the long-term.

Woof, I just wasted my time making an uneducated assumption on game design. Hope it helps somehow, and I'd love to see where this goes.

ah, remember making spreadsheets for this version. Took a bit to max out everyone, so for anyone staring, it IS possible to do in the time limit.

Interesting. This seems like something worth skimming over in the code. Just for fun, of course.

Okay, that's actually impressive to me. That's actually the only resource I didn't hard cap because I assumed nobody would bother.

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temporary boosts in the form of cooked meals for a price to help with gold grabbing later on.

Rare treasures that you can collect between different levels or segments to just have hanging around your cave. Maybe have one or two have an interact mini-scene of sorts for some fun.

A difference between value of coins and quantity of coins, making some piles worth more or less, but cause the same amount of hinderance

Fun as it may be, it's a bit annoying to find the game crashing at every death

You can upgrade for a seventh extra starting minion even though you only have six free slots. Instant crash

Man, I've always wanted to make my own pyramid scheme.

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Boy was that Catboy annoying to find.

Waitwaitwait. Catboy? I missed a catboy somewhere? Well, that's going to take me a few hours to find...

You know, I was actually thinking about this exact thing this morning, considering the idea of a similar-style game with a different narrative. I mean, Makes me happy to see a creator taking the ideas of other under consideration and letting them go free with them.

Because I'm insane. Any other questions?

This feels like a lesson in context. Take the design for larger sizes and show it to someone, and they'd be confused. Do the same, but with a gif showing transition from type 1 to type 2, and now you understand what it is. Is it pointless to talk about this here? Kinda. What this the point of the project? I doubt it.

What are the odds of any individual monkey successfully typing out this phrase? About...


Yeah, we're going to be here for a while.

Don't worry about it too much, of course. I'm pretty unlucky on the regular, and its not that odd to see one or two outliers, be them positive or negative.

...I have no idea what's going on, but my first clicks almost always end up being shark. I guess I'm just too stupid.

I got labelled as a vegan for hating the taste of meat and being allergic to bananas. This is perfection at its finest.

That finale did me in. Managed to get a good set of five dice I liked, and kept only those five the whole time. My numbers weren't enough, though.

Even stale bread. Though, angel bread does suck... Who puts pork intestine in bread???