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Neat little game! 

The fly feels really smooth and I like the little story at the beginning to add context.

Good job 

Fun game! Needs more arms!

Cute little art style and fast paced , I like it!

Really cool  ,  I like how fast it becomes difficult.

Being able to turn into a bat is super fun too!

Really cool idea , controls feel simple enough to pick up straight away but still feels difficult enough for it to be fun 

My kinda game!

Cheers, yes of course I'll give yours a shot today

Cheers dude ,

I am thinking about making a new fps zombie wave shooter tbh

Nice little low poly style , movement feels fluid and all the aesthetics tie in together.

Nice submission!

Awesome , super satisfying and aesthetically pleasing!

This is crazy good , how the F did you come up with this idea! 

Like the game on the PC itself works really well but then coupled with having to keep dropping out and killing roaches. Insane,  I love the art style , the fact theres no need for a tutorial and you just have a little note saying space, love it! Favourite game!

The drone is pretty fun to fly around and smashing the tv looks pretty real! Yeah as mentioned below , merging them together wouldve worked great , shooting tvs etc.

Nice job

Awesome game, really unique idea! Crazy you were able to produce this in the time given! 

Great work

Hahah , all my best work is done on cheap whiskey!  Yeah keep at this game and get it on the store I'm sure it'll be a hit!

Hmm , reminds me of something ;) .

Good work , nicely executed and really nice colour pallette

I could tell from the cover that this was gunna be a hit and it is!

Great game , so polished for the short amount of time , really beautiful game so many little details that make it up. Simple controls yet still pretty difficult to master. 

I'll be sure to revisit! Great

Ooh nice sounds like something I could get to grips with , I'll take a look online. Sweet I'll get that downloaded later on tonight! 

Nice use of partical effects and easy to follow idea.  Feel like it is missing some UI after your spaceship decays but I appreciate there wasn't much time in the jam so good job gettting it submitted in time.
Would be up for seeing where you could take this next!

Simple game but really addictive,

I'll be back to try this , I like that within seconds I was able to find the objective of the game,
Very decent Arcade game , good job !

Really astethicly pleasing game, cool idea too I have no idea how you've done that.
Any chance you could build a .exe version , my PC struggled a bit with the webGL version.

Was still fun pinging that timepiece around and bringing everything to life though!

Chaotic! I love it , really cool take on the theme feels like there is a fully fledged story behind it.

Art style and UI all felt co-heasive my only criticism would be that the timer pick ups come up a bit too often so it can drag the game out further. If there was online leaderboards however that might encourage me to stick at it for longer to rub everyones nose in the dirt. 

But all in all , really solid game!!

Really well polished game!

It took me a couple of seconds then I was like "Oh yeah this would make way more sense on a phone" great idea though , like it feels really unique and the art style is pretty cute too.

Honestly not much I can say to improve, I would deffo work on this one and get it published on the store, different levels , bouncing bullets and obstacles etc. 

Nice one!

Honestly , even though it is a simple Idea I think it plays pretty well. 

I will definatley come back to see how far I can get, the little jump noise is satisfying and the fart noise when going up the elevator is the one!

Keep at it though , I like the art style of your little reaper , would be cool to see that reflected more throughout the game! 

Good job!

Great submission, the GIF screen shots and lights really caught my eye , Interesting Idea, felt a bit easy to begin with for me so difficulty could have ramped up faster but hey that's me maybe I'm just pro haha.  Love the UI and use of particle effects , really solid piece!

Great game,  really fits well with the theme!

Thank you mr Honzus

Yeah I saw it , nice stream. Hahah yeah I didn't realise how difficult it would be for people who didn't make the game , decent effort though!

Thank you dude! Really appreciate it!

Cheers for playing! Yeah I think that's the biggest point people have made about this is that the controls could do with some work , need to think of alternates. Yeah originally I wanted to have the car raycast to the camera and made any block in its way transparent but ran out of time.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I don't know what was going on with the sound, there is once sound the is supposed to play when you fire and one when it hits the fire but for some reason it stops playing sometimes , something I'll need to figure out! Thank you for the review , yeah the controls  will likely need some work too 

Cool concept! Fun gameplay and nice simple art , good job 

Really cool game ,feels super polished and I like how it starts of difficult so I dont need to wait around for it to get tense!

Cute little game! Love pixel art , the server looks really good! I would probably add a reload function instead of letting the game do it itself. but apart from that good submission!

Love the artstyle, cool little concept too! Good work!

Thanks for playing , yeah I imagine its very similar to this game

Yeah I was working on that towards the end but couldnt find stomething to stick out infront of the particle system!

Yeah think thats the biggest thing to take away from this jam, I think because i tested it so much the control became second nature to me haha , I think my score shows that. Thanks for playing!

Crazy game , I like that you've added a little lore,  felt homely. 

Fun to play!

Haha I had a comment wrote out ready to say "You can just leave 2 lights on" but then I though I'd try it  and you got me haha . Yeah super fun , could be interesting with bigger maps , roundabouts , junctions etc, could take it pretty far

Fun little game,  Like how fast the difficulty ramps up , made me want to keep retrying , the physics are pretty interesting too! Good job