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gracias, contamos con un buen músico en el equipo (@keybasket) y sube sus cosillas a youtube si le quieres echar un ojo (;

gracias ! ^^ quisimos darle una vueltecita de tuerca a los juegos de "carreras" y la idea de golpear repetidamente una chapa a ritmo de una canción para avanzar a trompicones entre obstáculos nos cuadraba con la temática " De 0 a 100" haha

Hola ! gracias por jugar y darnos feedback (: Nos faltó por implementar una aspiradora que persigue a la chapa a modo de "barrera destructora". De este modo si no clickabas al ritmo del beat unas cuantas veces o te ralentizabas demasiadas acercándote a los bordes del circuito o chocando con obstáculos, acababas perdiendo la partida porque te aspira. Nos alegramos de que te haya gustado el selector de chapas, y si te flipa el sonido... cada chapa tiene su propia canción, pero es otra de las cosas que no conseguimos configurar a tiempo para la entrega, asique lo desvelaremos más tarde (;

yeah, doggo needs some cuddles too :3

Hi! It's been a while since Rodrigo and I worked together but you can keep track of us individually. Rodrigo posts personal projects here . On the other hand, I've been busy working for 9 Years of Shadows but I'm planning on doing a jam soon(;

Thanks for your kind words (:

sure, not making an effort at night has serious consequences in the morning hahaha 

The bird is free like the wind, not really something you need to shoo, but you have to keep an eye on temperature and open or close the window depending on the red-blue bar  info (;

wow you mastered the game! hahaha
As I see you watering plants, i'll tell you a secret... it is possible to water the first and second plants (the small ones) if you stop the can halfway (;

Thanks! ^^

cool! that's the spirit (:

hahahahaha congratulations , you made it! (: 
Yeah, having cursors overlay is something we didn't take into account at first because there was only the downloadable version where you also wouldn't notice the cursor's speed, but we are happy you enjoyed it anyway. ^^ 

Hi! The name of the song is Lofi Piano Type Beat- Dream Girl and this is the link

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest and wanting to make a video (: The song is from Jadon Converse also known as @beatsbycon ( it was a free to use song, if you remember to mention him there shouldn't be a problem. But if you keep having this issue you can always shut down the music in-game by clicking on the radio (it is at the shelves on the left).

The best i have played so far ! It was very fun to play and the theme is perfectly integrated. It is nice to have different sounds depending on the place you have to get the cat off. It would have been really nice to have different scenes like the kitchen or the bathroom haha

I liked the idea of being a dinosaur running from meteors though it seems i extinct myself too fast. xD The global high scores didn't work out for me but i had a lot of fun (:

That would be something worth seeing hahaha Thank you ! (:

Its actually a Player versus Player  but you are right about the Local mode (: I also haven't found another multiplayer yet, but i think it's a matter of time, there are over three hundred submissions to browse through on this Jam. O.O

hahaha Be prepared, I heard some dogs are quite good at catching flies ! Thank you for your compliments (;

Thank you! We had a clear idea of what we wanted and that helped  development a lot. We are thinking on how to make the scores more visible, but that would have to wait until the GameJam rating period ends.

Thank you! haha that's exactly the way we had to separately test it too. But is perfect to have something to play when friends come home (:

Nice! Playing games together is the best. About the scores, they are those tiny squares below each frog, but maybe they are too integrated to notice at first Haha (:

Buen concepto y referencias al graffiti y arte urbano valenciano (: El alien meando es genial haha

Conceptually this game is pretty good! I like how the rules and truth is revealed (or build up) one step at a time and it can make your tower fall until you have learned the lesson. It is fun (:

I had to  give it a couple of tries so the dog won't discover me and had fun playing it (: Pigeon animation is hilarious

This game is fun and the art is pretty cool! It perfectly matches the theme. Loved the character designs and lore routes (:

thank you! We are happy you liked it. Glass sound effects seem to be a big hit haha 


I really liked the characters art and the cover, the map was a little zoomed in comparison to them though. Some explanations were hilarious too (:

Hi ! We added a short guide to help people  reading the symbols, you can check it on the game page (description). There's also no close button but there will be one on the improved post-jam version.
Thank you ! (:

Hey ! thank you for your suggestions (:
This helps quite a lot spotting problems to fix on the improved version we are currently working on. 

Thank you !

Wow :3 We are very happy you didn't surrender to the alarm and dreamed untill the end hahaha Thank you for your nice comment (:

Yeah, Thank you! Even staying in bed and taking our time is hard sometimes too. That's why, as the gamejam theme says, we don't have to give up (:

Thank you for your comment! We just uploaded a post-gamejam version where we added a radio so you can pause ingame music and listen to your own (:

Thank you! We wanted it to be atmospheric and relatable^^

I enjoyed it a lot and showed it to my  sister too (: Though she knows very little english, she laughed and farted hard, no joke. We love Ninkom :3

I love the vibe of this game (: Dialogues and possibilities are hilarious .

¡Hola ! Muchas gracias por tu comentario y aportaciones. Afortunadamente ya hemos podido arreglar el problema del cursor y lo subiremos dentro de poco. Por otro lado, seguimos puliendo detalles y repensado otros aspectos.

Saludos ^^