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Great game

Might be a good alternative

Would it be possible to have a downloadable version of this?

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Please send your suggestions to our issue board at GitHub instead of posting them here, so your suggestions don't get lost.
I also don't think that intended this topic to be a place for others' suggestions :)
~ Comigo
  • At the moment after you build and run the project it has to open a new browser tab everytime you click play that becomes a bit annoying to work with after so many times so my suggestion is that,if the user already has a a devmode preview running clicking play should just update that preview rather than constantly open a new window
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Getting user inventory
Getting catalog items
PlayFabClientApi.js loaded
Virtual currency : {"CO":0,"GE":0}
Inventory : []
Successfully get user inventory
Online Catalog : {"Catalog":[]}
Successfully get catalog items

I successfully converted this project to c3,but for some reason the instructions regarding setting up the catalog aren't working,since following the same steps results in my catalog not loading at all but when i switch to the title ID this uses it works perfectly!JxMlRQIK!co9WD7JBQiMxmoDjnwsIyS4_duuHJjk6j6VCwCppQss

Here's the link to the plugin if you wanted to update the description to also include c3

I succesfully ported this template over to c3 along with the json plugin it uses