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Gracias nadir<3

soundtrack and pixel art is very pretty ^^ well done!

Thanks for playing ^^! yeah i will contact with u, im really amateur with construct 2 hahaha

wow! Thank you so much Gubbz you are amazing! and thanks for the feedback it help a lot ^^

thank you so much for comment and give me your feedback ^^ thanks!

Can you please try the game? i make some fixes, tell me if you look the title worn again and the coin sound ^^

Thats is amazing!! i dont know why my game doesnt have coin effects.... it seems i exported wrong or something, but thank you so much for the video!! maybe i can give you de capx file to see it better. i give u freedom if you want to touch it a little. Im really amateur in making games, i started like 3 weeks ago... im still learning ^^

It has sound, thats strange hahaha. Yeah i need to work a lot, i dont kwno too much in making games, but i try ^^. Thanks for let me know all this it means a lot! <3 i will work more and polish the game!

Space Fighter community · Created a new topic really good!

the gameplay feels so nice and smooth, well done!