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Thanks! I'll get back to TierraMon after this, but figured I'd go all out on this jam to see what I can do!

Found that annoying bug!

Soooo every time I tested, I did things the exact same way, because it's the fastest way to test. Turns out to have that error happen, you have to die in a certain scenario, after event 1, but before event 3. Anyway, I'm uploading a new version that fixes just that bug here in a little bit. thank you so much as always!

Wow wonderful feedback! Thank you so much for being so thorough! 

I'm going to have to add some of these things as features I want to add as you brought up some good approaches to things I need to add, and I'll keep on looking for those bugs! The logic for battling is really complex so I'm not shocked there are still bugs, but hopefully I'll catch them all soon with your help!

That is very strange that battles are being bugged! And I'll just make it a priority to make it so you can select to start a new game then!

Updated with currently known bugs! 

Thank you for all the feedback!

I fixed the bug preventing you from getting on the tram, so you should be able to play!

All great suggestions, and things I'm trying to figure out how to address. I feel like I've made an absolute mess of key standards! I keep realizing I've double bound keys all over the place. I guess now I know I need to keep a document for what keys do what!

As for deleting the game, if you go to %appData% - "local" and delete the "tierramon" folder, that will restart the game. Will add an option to redo moves soon! 

The art style and cut scenes are amazing! Absolutely floored by the quality of the visuals here. 

Oh my goodness it's amazing! I can't believe you hand drew so many scenes of a visual novel in such a short period of time! I know full 5 hour long visual novels with less scenes. Such wonderful work and adorable art style. 

Great feedback and good catch on those bugs! Thank you so much!


A number of people have been interested in helping with sound design, becoming a closer tester, etc. 

Feel free to DM me on twitter, or reach out to me on discord here: Ericbomb#5651

Thank you so much for your support everyone! I'm so excited to make a game you will all enjoy!

Oh my last comment was 

"Oh that actually explain exactly what it is then!

Thank you for that, I see the issue. Silly mistake on my part. I just appreciate all the wonderful feedback I've been getting! "

Was able to figure out why your first mon was getting over written based on what you described so things were good there.

Oh sorry about that! By activating the forums it removes the comments, but I realized the forums make more sense.
I can still see all your old comments through in an archive, so I didn't lose all your feedback!

TierraMon community · Created a new topic Bugs can go here!
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If you find any bugs in the demo builds, feel free to post them here, message me on discord, or message me on Twitter! All are fine!

To help out, here are currently known bugs in the current build! 

The menu for giving items to TierraMon will get stuck. Can fix by exiting and reentering. 

Be able to lower music volume and not just mute it.

Need remapping of keys. Key system is awful. Need to just fix all of it.

Dead air at the end of voice lines

Button to say shards/capture stone amounts

Repeat Tutorial section mid game as needed for reminders

Oh that actually explain exactly what it is then!

Thank you for that, I see the issue. Silly mistake on my part. I just appreciate all the wonderful feedback I've been getting! 

Oh dear some of those things were not supposed to happen for sure! You should be getting full health back, and you should have kept your starter Mon, so I'll look into that right away. 

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! I'm moving some of these things straight to my to do list! And saving is coming soon, I promise!

Oh that silly store keeps breaking! I'll fix it right away again.

Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words! I'll add these errors to the list and keep on trucking! 

Very good point! I'll add that to the list.

To keep this place clean, feel free to give bug report here! Give an many details as you can and post the error message you got if you got one, or just explain what is wrong if it didn't give an error message. 

Here are things I'm going to want to accomplish based on feedback from proto type 1!

1. Fix the starter TerraMon selection menu!
2. Allow players to control the volume of the different alerts separately
3. Make it so you only hear a description the VERY first time you use a new ability, or if you hold a button while pressing the attack button.
4. Look into fixing the control system! I guess I wanted to give more of a first person view experience, but looks like that's been confusing with enough people I need to look into changing it. But hey, was worth an attempt! Any suggestions on a control system that allows you to take advantage of playing out of left/right ear is greatly appreciated.
5. Info when you pick a TerraMon outside of combat, such as type, level, and hp!
6. Saving system! I didn't know if it needed one because it's a proto type, but some people seem to enjoy it enough that they want to try and collect all the pretty TerraMon.
7. Fix the sounds moves make!
8. Allow players to select another mon when one is Ko'd
9. Change audio cues to be less bad, add ambient sounds to help convey movement.

99. VERY long term goal, is make it so there are both custom voices and screen reader accessibility options so people can pick. Ideally any game I make I would like to be very welcoming to any sighted people giving it a shot, so I want to make sure there are nice custom voices available for them, but screen reader accessibility for people who want to use their own custom settings make a ton of sense. I have some ideas to hack GMS to make this happen, but it's a longer term goal. I've really appreciated the audio games that go above and beyond and made really nice voices or voice acting, so I want to follow in that direction.

Such a wonderful game! The art was cute and nice, the enemies were really nice and interesting.

My literally only two nitpicks are it'd be nice if you couldn't get the same enemy room twice in a row, had a run where I fought the cubes 3 times in a row, and the other nitpick is the enemies that jump up and slam back down to create a shock wave when you approach just take a long time to kill because of how quickly they recharge their ability. 

A nice little platformer! Will just say against the frogs especially a little bit more hit invulnerability would be super nice, as with how short the invun is it's super easy for them to combo.

You know, even with all the silliness of it being a little scratch game, I actually liked the concept of just having to survive a hostile environment longer than the boss.

It felt like standing still on the top was the best approach because of how slow you moved and where the spiders generally got stuck, but it still is a good concept. 

Cool animation, the firing of the magic just doesn't feel exactly right though! Feels like there is a delay on it that is too long, also wish that clicking wouldn't delay the fire even longer for no reason.

Also I ran into a bug where I got hit while in the big spell animation, and it froze the game.

Really fluid and good animation, crazy you got it done in time!

I will say I couldn't beat it though, I for the life of me could not figure out how to deal with the orbs it spits out. So I felt like there was just no way to kill the boss before I got killed by the orbs.

Interesting! I will say the movement can be buggy, I spent a while trying to get bricks from the strangest places and a lot of the time you'll have to pickup then set down a rock to get your movement speed back.

Wonderful game! Such a cute little concept. I really liked the electric game near the end, and I can't believe how much time I spent play flappy bird in 2021. Great fun overall. I honestly was hoping there would be more, but as soon as time started zipping by with max upgraded TV I knew my fun was at an end. I will say the bed felt useless, but everything was super nice. 

So it's actually not an idle game! If you walk around you can do tasks, that let you craft things. It only takes about 20 minutes.

Gorgeous graphics and a cool concept! With how the controls are though it's very brutal to drop one and have the death animation. It took me about 5 tries to get one cube on, so would have been nice if your very first cube in a wave falls to just auto restart.

But still wonderful job.

Very cool!  A little overwhelming to start with all the information on what the different stats do, but still a really well done game. Crazy you got it done in 10 days!

Very interesting entry! I do feel like I had very little control over the actual game though, like it said to keep stress/motivation low, but it seemed like all I could do was promote and fix computers, right?

But either way I loved the art style, the simulation was very solid, and I even appreciated the audio giving a directional hint.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I've had several people mention they lose track of the beeping meaning, so I think that's probably on me throwing it in too off handedly. I've got some ideas for next one!

Showing topology probably isn't something I would do in game, because it would make the experience for blind/sighted gamers be different! Which I'm trying to avoid. But in a previous jam I actually made blind accessible maps that came in the install file that people could use to cheat if they struggled and people seemed to adore it. 

So I might tinker around with having the game create/make it accessible after a level, or even something you can unlock?

IDK, that's a trickier one.

But thank you so much for your feedback!

Oh yeah I realized the tutorail was too short based on some feedback!

The beeping simply means you're at an intersection. If it's in your left ear, you CAN turn left, if it's in your right ear you CAN turn right. But neither mean it's towards a goal.

The ticking of the bomb can be tricky though, since you have to listen for if it's behind a wall or not. I made it sound different if it's behind a wall, but I think I need to make it sound even different!

Oh my goodness this was really well done! Afraid I don't have anything to add besides the black holes combined with the jank movement was a bit frustrating. 

Honestly really good! The Ui is the only problem for me, wish there was a faster way to select the item/capital, also would be cool if it was less of a static target. Because you didn't really have to worry about losing, you'd win sooner or later!

I mean you fit the theme! But it did kind of just turn into a "hold right, spam jump, and pray" kind of thing. But no doubt there was chaos!

Not sure what physics was applied to the gems but chaos certainly was had!

Graphics were simple but worked well for what they were, and gameplay progressed as expected. Got overwhelmed around week 8 XD

A nice entry! Fit the theme well, played it twice. Would have been nice with even some very basic audio to give a bit more of a feeling, also the final explosion could be a tad more dramatic! But despite the complaints, it's legit fun.