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Eric the Funny Baron

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Thank you for the video. The music seems to work fine with the title screen. I'm really glad you like my music :) . I wish you success with your project.

Thank you. I'm glad you like the song. :D

Do you mean my real name? Because my internet names are given in the text document "Terms of Use". In my terms of use I said, I want to be credited with the names "Eric the Funny Baron" or "EFJ_Baron". 😁

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Hello, I think the song is fitting for the game. I tried your game. Are you planning to expand the game mechanics of the game or is it just a prototype? I'm asking because it exists just the clicking mechanic. Don't worry, I don't mean it in a negative way, I'm just curious. :D

I'm glad to hear that! I will stay tuned for any result you might get with my plugin!^^

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Thank you for your comment!😄

I will try to explain how it works. In Tiled you can create several tile layers with unique names. Then you fill them with tiles, which have their own IDs, which were created by Tiled, when you imported a tileset. Then you export the map with all its layers as a JSON file. Inside the JSON exists an array for all layers. Inside each tile layer you can find an array named data, which is filled with numbers. These numbers represent the tiles you've drawn earlier in Tiled, so these numbers are the new Region IDs.

An example of a Tiled JSON file

To use them, you load the JSON file with a notetag in the map properties in the RPG Maker map. When the map is loaded inside the game, all marked events and the player will get so-called Region Detectors. Region Detectors are new objects, which are detecting the Region ID of a certain Region Layer depending on the position of the player or an event they're assigned to. So an event or the player have several Region Detectors depending on the number of tile layers created in Tiled. This means that one position on the map contains several Region IDs. For example the player is standing on position 3|3, then the Region Detector for "Layer1" detects Region ID 5 and the detector for "Layer2" detects Region ID 7.

To get the information you need, the Script Call getRegionID(eventID, layerName) will return all needed information. In this way conditional branches can be created with these Script Calls.

I hope I could explain it properly. If not, feel free to ask. I'm always willing to answer your questions.🙂

Hello, thank you for your positive feedback. To answer your question, yes, you can share this pack on Reddit. I'm really happy you want to share my work with others. I just ask you for the link to your Reddit post, because I'm always curious about possible reactions my package might get. I hope, that's understandable.😃

Oh, sad to hear that. My sympathies. I hope  you can  handle your big loss.   About Discord, I'll send you my name, because you seem to have forgotten to  send me your Discord  id. It is understandable, that you've forgotten the number behind your user name, because you have a hard time now. Because of this I send you  my discord name, so you can contact me, when you feel  ready.

My Discord name: Eric the Funny Baron#4168

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Thank you! By the way, do you have a discord account? Maybe we could stay in contact, because I really like the idea of your project. It has great potential. Especially the newest version has a great story.  :D

Hello, I've played your  little game and I'm glad my music is fitting for the scenery.  I'll stay tuned to future versions of your project. :D

Hello, thank you for your kind and positive feedback. I'm happy to help you with my music.

I don't have planned any new music packs in the near future. This fact may change, if I have enough inspiration and time for new music for a music pack. I hope the music from the music pack will help you a lot in the future.

Ah ok, then I wish you  good luck with your projects. :D

O wow, thank you!^^ It's one of the best compliments a musician can get. Maybe I will find and play your game someday. Has it already a title? :D

Yes, of course you can do that. Feel free to remix it. I support this kind of creativity! 😁👍

Oh, thanks! Sorry for replying so late