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thank you! Hope you’ll enjoy the game!

thanks a lot for your feedback! Since it’s our first project made on unreal engine and neither of us are programmers, we’ve encountered many issues and had trouble trying to fix those you mention. Maybe one day we’ll be able to fix those !

Once again thank you

Thank you!
We are sorry but it won't be possible for us to make it available on Linux and android for the moment.

We are proud to announce the release of our tiny open world!
This game is non violent and designed to be played with a controller.

You play as a frog trying to become a Sticky Hiker, one of the greatest hikers in the world! Find your way to the top of the wonderful open-world Island and meet a bunch of froggy friends!

We hope that you'll like the game and if so, please don't hesitate to rate us on our page and write a comment, it really helps!

Thanks! But don’t forget that we were a team of 10 people this time !

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Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback ! Actually, there is a mobile version. Only for Android (DontScrapFood.apk)

thanks a lot for your feedback!

thank you, glad you liked it!

thank you! Yes I’ll make a tutorial later this week to make it easier to understand ;)

thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for your comment! Really glad you found my game good and satisfying. For  the music part, I’m not really good for finding the right one. I might add a option to disable it later ;) 

Yes, I understand that it is hard in the beginning. I'll make a tutorial later this week! Thanks a lot for your feedback and yes, Jenga is one of my main inspirations! Glad you enjoyed it!

It's great that you enjoyed my game, it means a lot! Thank you for finding bugs too. I'll fix them later this week. Thanks for your feedback!

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Sorry if I made it unclear but you need to have your score in green and you need your building to be tall enough to complete a level (the zone above the construction must be green too)
Have fun !

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thanks! It, unfortunately, won’t release on IOS :(

Great little puzzle game!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it is really appreciated. I'll improve the level design of the game. It is still in development, I'll add more levels and new environments.