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Nice game! But it's very easy to add a collider to the top of the screen. I just run straight up and now I am getting infinite points :D

Yes, unfortunately Godot has some kind of bug in Apple, I have searched a lot but they say it's in a engine level bug  so I couldn't manage to solve it. Works fine on Windows tho, if you have access to.

Thank you for your feedback! I should definitely add more polish I agree. 

Thank you so much for such awesome feedback! I will add all of your  suggestions to my list and I will come back with a more experience and confidence to add them all :)

Thank you!

I am on Microsoft Edge browser, using M1 Max Mac Studio

I like the animations and art style yes but in terms of game play... Sub-optimal I want to say, not to hurt your feelings.

Spam "W" and I win, try anything else I lose!

It takes ages to block and duck, transition from a punch to duck or cover simply non existent.

I think the game has great potential so I hope to see it as a full fledged game!