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damn.. how long did this take you?

And since it looks like you like going around and giving feedback to games, may you please take a look at stuck in time? I mean there isn’t much yet but still some basic movement and other stuff, there will also be a big update soon with a pick up system and two new levels, the concept of the game is as of now a 675 word document and the reason to play is to learn to love what you have and stop wanting to go back to “the good times” as some may want to when they lose something or someone, somewhat nostalgia. If you do take a look I would really appreciate it.

Do you think I should work more on it? Make some new levels and that stuf?

Lol, thx! The mechanics where a bug in another game I worked on and I thought it was a nice puzzle game…

where do i find that, and their not hiden

stuck in time

my firends try to download my game on the website, but they cant due to there not being a download button

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i have done everything i have seen here but i cant get it to work

Lol, if you use the mouse it will duplicate all the cubes and if you press space they will just spawn at a specific point, have you tried Stuck In Time?

nice bro, you did a epick job, i can see a lot of potential in this game!

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nice! was it your own idea like exsept like snake…?

it has been fun!

ok so i speedran it and i ot a solid 2:42

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this is sooooo cool, how did you do the curves, i love it!

keep it up!


i love the consept, very fun to manage to do it! but noe end/congrats screen/sceene?

keep it up! Erdnos

fixsed it now, thx for your feedback!

I submitted the project yesterday, I hope you like it if you try it


Nice, maby ill try it once

yo Neonsque! epick game i must say, good mechanics and adicting gameplay! btw did you use a game engine?


KARLSON community · Created a new topic YO DANI

as a fellow norewgian game dev i have drawn a lot of inspiration from your games into mine, i just wander how you do it, like you do it so good and yeah… like how do you get the baked lights right and how to you get things like the guns to work, anyways i love your content and i will alwsys look up to you, keep it up, im exsited to beat willy and billy

MVH Erdnos


Also level 3 or 4 is empty, but very fun to play…love it

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yes. maby add something when you die, bc i failed and yeah how do i get back to menu?…. but nice art and everything keep it up.


A Jam :0 community · Created a new topic Can i use Unity?

Im new

No, im new and my pc cant handle unreal so unity

Im new to game dev and wanted to try out a jam, i found this and got ecsited ubrukt i relized that there was a lot of talk about your engine which i dont know, so pls lat me at least s submitt a unity game