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I read online that SFML should be able to work on Android. How do I get it to work?

You could always try Gdrive or pixeldrain. There are others but I can't guarantee their safety. The issue with Mega is that it likes to fail.

I'd recommend turning the file into a rar, regardless (not 7z, just rar).

Joiplay is used to play most win Itch games on android, mainly html, renpy, ruffle, and rpgmaker. If it's not made in renpy that explains it.

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Please create an apk. The Windows version does not work with Joiplay.

Also, please use an alternative download source once the game hits 5GB.

Please make an apk or html version.

1. The folder actually says Android, but I still had to use Joiplay to play the html file.

3. I know, but that's just extra steps. It'd be better to be able to access core actions outside of a menu.

4. That's fine, but again I want to know if you can let us assign keybinds to specific skills and items, like how Pokemon lets you set an item to be used with the Select key. I did read the instructions... But I want us to hotkey actual skills and items, not menus.

Okay, finally finished the current version. Here's my feedback:

1. The game uses more ram than it should, enough to heat the phone when most games don't but not enough to affect gameplay.

2. The writing is spectacular and I love the art style. Your colors are amazing and make the characters feel alive.

3. You should implement keybinds for non-combat skills or make them seperate from skills, and they should have no cost. Regardless, burying a core action beneath the combat skills list is not user friendly.

4. On the note of user friendliness, key items needing to be used manually will become annoying down the road.

5. The innkeeper scene made me so wet... My gosh what a dreamy dominant character for us subs <3

6. I broke the game with Joiplay's cheat menu. Nothing glitched out. Your checks are working perfectly,

7. I know art takes a while and in early development you're not fully illustrating everything, but you should at least not have black images. It's important testers see something so we don't think it's a bug.

8. You should limit investigation range to the visible area of the screen.

Hyped for more! :D

I was especially referring to vore casual workds. But yeah, I just meant characters with "asking for it" attitudes.

Who's the father?

Can the mc willingly be cucked, sissified, in love with the demon?

I just want to point out how weird it is for Vore characters to be 18+ when it's highly suspect any vore victim would live that long.

Yes, as in cross reference. That way you can make alternate dialogue for when it's detected,, or have it detected when it's entered to forbid the player from doing it. A surprising number of games pass the test.

In general, a lot of objects will react from multiple sides, and in the statue area there are tons of solid tiles where there shouldn't be which probably isn't intentional.

Due to work and some issues, I've only just started, but two things:

The game fails the samename test. That is, it cannot recognize when the male and female names are the same.

Second, this:

Solid tiles and collission, etc, need an overhaul.


On an unrelated note, I recommend checking out You Throw Like A Girl by Vim. It's another great mtf game I think you'd like.

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Sissy content is usually sexualized feminization that includes:

- Normal feminization stuff - hormones, dressing up, etc - but at an accelerated rate.

- Chastity and maybe sextoys.

- Accepting that women having sex is normal, and by becoming a girl/woman the sissy having sex as a girl is normal. Usually stories portray this with a shock factor of someone close to the sissy having sex without them - girlfriend, girl friend, mother, sister, mistress, etc - but this doesn't have to be ntr. And this precludes the sissy having sex as a girl.

- Obtaining an ideally girlish body through extra means, such as yoga and pole dancing, changing one's diet, mastering makeup,  normalizing paying for beauty upkeep like manicures, waxing, etc.

A lot of it is normal trans acceptance type stuff but with an added layer of things usually considered sexual. And the sissy is in a submissive role throughout.

This is hilarious. Don't know why it costs so much, though.

I'm guessing strippers. Probably strippers.

On that note of the character being (temporarily maybe) shemale, is sissy content planned? Not mean/bad sissy stuff, but in general? After all, the protag is stated to be submissive.

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I see. That's understandable, but it probably won't be an issue for tablet or chromebook users. As for phones, the Ui being collapsable could help.

By intersex you have to specify. Shemale, futa? Or do you mean nb?

Please specify whether a male or female pc.

You should merge all sisters into one game. The game also misses the entire point of the series, which is to buy Jawbreakers.

Nice short animation. I've always liked May Kanker, she's a sweerheart.

I'm not sure. I just know it's a feature of Unity. I don't think you convert it from exe, I think you just build it from Unity as an apk. I haven't worked with Unity but I heard it's straightforward.

You need to change the game's category to physical games for tabletops.

Looks good so far. Too bad it's not interactable.

Unity games can always be made into apks. Otherwise, many games can be played on Joiplay.

Thank you!

I released my game almost a week ago. It's public, no cost at all, has image, etc. I realize that a lot of games release at this time for xmas, but my game is also an xmas game. If it's been buried, can someone bump it up the queue please? I just don't want xmas to completely pass by. Thank you! :D

Agreed, this would be perfect for that. Also Soul Eater and Death Note.

Short and to the point. Good job!


I like card based combat, but I really don't "get" this one. It seems no matter how smart I play, the rng just slaps me. I also miss being able to use lust moves to win, esp from the beginning. That said, the lag issues I had before are gone, but the text is way too small.

Haven't played in a while, but it's nice to see good balance patches. :)

It's not bad, and certainly unique.

I haven't played the update, but... Isn't it possible for the dev to just develop and release both versions? Maybe focus on the new version then go back to legacy and finish it.

Plus, 0.16 could just be an alpha version of the new system, so old content might come back.

FYI you can change the text box opacity already, that may help. Changing font and box color afaik requires a different version of rpgmaker, but that version is laggier on some devices.

Thanks! :D

I found 17 endings. Am I missing any?

Female mc plz

If you don't like a work, you don't have to play it or comment about it. The author may need some more experience to reach your level of reading comprehension, but that's no reason to be an asshole. I've proofread things for dozens of people and lived in nations where English isn't the first language, and I've learned not to throw shit on others' writing even though mine is at a much higher level. So you, too, can be respectful of the author and provide constructive criticism or else just sod off.