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Sorry, i don't speak OMORI

Buen dato, pero lo siento terriblemente por decirte esto, mis sinceras disculpas porque no recuerdo que alguien o yo mismo te ha preguntado, pero mira el lado positivo, muchísimas personas aprendieron y probablemente usaron lo que tú publicaste.


Itch doesnt support ios (iPhone/iPad) downloads, so, ONLY FOR ANDROID

wait, wasn't it cats?

I tested on my PC, it just appears a purple monkey, not ILOVEYOU.exe, so fake

There was an Android version before, but it got removed so, now that I'm thinking, why not make an official version? I know you guys broke 1 or 2 policies but it's okay, i made an app for itch but, not going release in on any app store or even in this complete website.

Oof, that's hard to do in my perspective. Thanks anyway!

I honestly don't know it has multiplayer. It showed up at the MULTIPLAYER page.

This isn't meant for either Mac, Windows or even less, Linux. Though, thanks for the tip!

For people who don't want to pay,

Too young for Twitter


yba community · Posted in nohao

I like                                                                                                                    

I've got my reasons

Great, now do OMORI 2 (or you can't do that)

yes, he don't bite

Both yes and no

This is akwardly similar to Scratchin' Melodii (just kidding i know what fnf is)

If i had a nickel of one fnf mod's artsyle being ugly and not even made using the intention of being a joke mod, i would be a millionaire.

I hope this game kills fnf. And the artstyle is similar to Rhythm Heaven, there is NO way it's similar to fnf, the gameplay is just Parrapa The Rapper but enchanced. Not every rhythm game is similar to fnf just because it's animated.

I hate how Dani NEVER mentions on his steam (anime?) ARG, f in the command bar boys.

I recommend making ports of games that aren't usually on the app store (but not on or else it's stealing) and upload them to the site. There is another thing which is reupload a deleted game from your local AppStore or an old version of it to this site. If there is no links to where it originally came from just upload it as a new and original game.

I know but, why? Who would even play this? This seems like a mobile game you can download it from the app store and it's full of ads and the gameplay is trash.

Yeah but who wants to download and play this, also was the caps lock intentional? I know it comes from a Roblox game but who even wants to play this, i bet only lil kids and YouTubers who will just roast this game with play it. Like, where is the joke?

Dead game :(

Wtf is this...?