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It appears as if Itch cuts things off if your browser window is 1000px wide or less. (Zooming in/out also effects this.)


I considered making these games paid releases, but ultimately, web games are just easier and there’s less pressure and expectations.

Conveyors and ice (though “water tile” also works I guess) are things that I consider to be “tropes” in a way because lots of games have them. Baba Is You is a good example.

This is made in C++ and compiled to the web using Emscritpen. This entry took about 1.5 years to make, give or take, but the first two entries only took 6-8 months or so.

The logic and whatnot was sometimes hard to implement, but I’ve had a lot of practice and experience when it comes to programming and game dev, which helps.

When I stop procrastinating. I'm kind of taking it easy right now because these last few months have been hard on me. I'll probably post about the game on my Mastodon account, which you can follow here:

The next game? I plan on it. The new N Step Steve game: probably not.

Probably! I have another "big" game I plan on releasing next (though it's nowhere near as big as this,) but I'm also working on a very promising prototype for another game in this series.

This post reminded me that the game is about 4 years old at this point. I can’t believe it! (And thanks for checking this out!)

My own! I used SDL2 and a few other libraries and compiled it to the web via Emscritpen.

Good question! Part one and two are meant to be played separately, so combining their maps might actually make things more awkward. They could be separate games in the same package, though, in the same way that e.g. The Ace Attorney trilogy HD (or whatever it’s called) puts three separate games in the same place.

Maybe? If I'm not mistaken, you can download the game in the app, but that's basically just a local copy of the web version.

Given the fact that so many people have been asking for a true downloadable version of the game, I'll probably get around to it at some point. Also, I'm about 50% sure there will be another "mainline entry" at some point. Not 100% sure, and it's probably going to take a while if it does happen (I keep saying this about all my games, but it's true.)

P.S. My Mastodon profile is probably the best place to check if you want to view updates about my projects.

(Also, I say "probably not" because it's possible that I'm forgetting something, though I'm 99% confident that there's nothing major you're missing, especially if you know the major speedrun skip for this game.)

Probably not. I think I was planning on having something similar to that in one of the final rooms, but never got around to it. My excuse for that is the game being way bigger than it should have been.

I guess I took some inspiration from Baba, but I don’t 100% remember.

I’ll get around to it eventually!

Assuming this is the glitch you're talking about and I'm remembering right, here's how to do it (and I'm using rot13 because there are spoilers.)

svefg, znxr fher "ranoyr byq ohtf" va tnzrcynl frggvatf vf ba. Gura, trg vagb n fvghngvba jurer bar xvggra vf ba n jbezubyr naq gur bgure vf ba gur rqtr bs gur ebbz. Lbh gura jnag gb jnyx bhg bs gur ebbz ng gur fnzr gvzr nf lbh cerff ragre. Vg'f uneq gb trg gur gvzvat evtug, ohg lbh pna whfg haqb naq gel ntnva hagvy gur tyvgpu unccraf.

Jura lbh chyy vg bss, gur tnzr jvyy guvax lbh'er gelvat gb ragre gjb frcnengr ebbzf ng bapr. V fhccbfr lbh npghnyyl NER qbvat whfg gung, ohg va na havagraqrq jnl. Ertneqyrff, gur tnzr zbirf lbh hc svir ebbzf jurarire gung unccraf. Fb gung'f gur raq erfhyg bs gur tyvgpu.

Jura V svefg tbg gur oht ercbeg, V ernyvmrq gung lbh pbhyq qb gur oht va ebbz 10,19, naq gung pbhyq or na vagrerfgvat fcrrqeha fgengrtl vs V erzbirq n srj oneevref gb znxr gb znxr vg cbffvoyr gb tb gb gur raqvat cebcre nsgre lbh gryrcbegrq gb gur yrsg pbeare va 10,14. Fb V qvq whfg gung.

please respect your fellow players in this comments section.

The game itself has no fullscreen, you can try putting your browser into fullscreen mode.

Lbh pna’g bcra vg, vg’f whfg n qrpbengvba. Jvgubhg vg, vg jbhyq ybbx yvxr gur jbyirf ner va n pbzcyrgryl rapybfrq ebbz jvgu ab rkvg.

There's a good chance of this happening in the future. Fun fact: I briefly considered releasing part 2 as part of such a bundle, but I settled on making it a free web game like usual.

V pbhyq gel gb whfgvsl vg ol fnlvat gung "ohzcvat" naq "chfuvat" ner gjb qvssrerag guvatf, juvpu fbeg bs znxrf frafr vs lbh xabj ubj gur tnzr unaqyrf zbirzrag ybtvp vagreanyyl. Gubhtu V qb nterr vg vf bar bs gur zber neovgenel cnegf bs gur flfgrz.


Try looking at room 9,14 (room to the top left of the middle teleporter on the screen IIRC)

The rules you’re thinking of only apply to the section they were taught in.

I might make another game on this series, but I might not. We’ll see.

(1 edit)

Do you have cookies or third party cookies blocked in your web browser? I try to detect that, but sometimes browsers aren’t upfront about what they will/won’t save.

Yep! I wanted to put in a lot of cameos from other puzzle games, so I sent out an open call for cameos.

in hindsight, I shouldn’t have made that secret count towards completion in the first place. Not only was it unintuitive to many players, it also posed a lot of technical challenges since (rot 13)  Lbh pbhyq pbyyrpg gur 4,4 pelcgvq orsber lbh rira fgnegrq n fnir svyr, naq V jnagrq gb znxr fher gung vs lbh qvq, lbhe cebterff jbhyq pnel bire bapr lbh fgnegrq gur tnzr. V unq gb tb ntnvafg znal nffhzcgvbaf V unq znqr jura svefg znxvat gur tnzr, naq vg jnf irel zrffl pbqr. Frg hc n fpranevb jurer lbh tb gb gjb qvssrerag ebbzf ng bapr

Maybe you should give this room a closer look…

I have part one of a "make a web game with SLD/Emscripten" series here, but unfortunately, I haven't had the time to make more posts. I plan on making more posts soon, though! lbh arrq gb hfr gur yriry rqvgbe

Yeah, the levels are purposefully under-constrained. This is to encourage open-ended solutions and different kinds of optimizations. I'd recommend trying to minimizing area if you want that kind of challenge. For example, the HEN->EGG level is actually doable in a 4x4 rectangle.

yep, that was an intentional limit I put in so the game would behave correctly. :)

(2 edits)

Your synopsis seems to be more or less correct, from what I can gather. Here's a relevant comment in the game's code (encoded in rot13): "[n fgrc pbhagre inyhr gung vf] terngre guna 10 zrnaf vg ercerfragf (inyhr-0kssss-1) fgrcf (juvpu raqf hc orvat artngvir.)"

(The game's codebase is so large that I keep having to re-remember how certain parts work, which is why comments like these come in handy.)

As for the images on the flags (I'm simplifying here but it's basically correct): the game stores image indices in a giant list, and the flag "pip" images are stored together. E.G. there's an image for one dot, followed by an image of two dots, and so on. Normal flags don't have values greater than 9, but when glitch flags do, they try to access e.g. the 20th dot image, which ends up being a different image entirely since the indices are stored next to each other.

(1 edit)

The stuff in the bottom left seems like it's behaving properly to me. I guess I never did explore it in the games' puzzles, though.

More specifically, the first character (or first two, I don't remember) encodes the version number of the level. Version 1 levels are the only supported ones right now, so trying to load a level with a version greater than 1 gives this error.


Thanks for reporting! Fun fact, the barriers were saving properly, but getting deleted when loading the level because I didn't completely remove the "delete barriers next to walls on level load" functionality (even though I thought I did.)

I'll push out a build that fixes this really soon...

Probably the editor, if I decide to add them at all. I'm still not sure about it.

This is a bug; Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Fun fact: the game has a "static analyzer" that marks objects which are guaranteed to not move or change, which lets the game make undo states use less memory. I do wonder if that was a good decision, though, since it often caused bugs (like this one) and doesn't save a whole lot of memory overall.

I do think this is funny, and I found many similar bugs over the course of development. Part of me wants to keep this behavior when "enable old bugs" is turned on, but:

  • This causes some potentially dangerous behavior with reading/writing out of bounds (My development builds of the game check for Out Of Bounds reading on many arrays, and this bug causes OOB reads, which are concerning.)
  • I could change the code so this bug behaves in a safe way, but I'm thinking that might be a lot of work.
  • I could add in those "weird flags" in a safer way in the future. Possibly.

I'll upload a patch that fixes this (and improves/fixes some other things as well) some time in the near future.

Yep, this is definitely a bug.