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I'm sure your game is good too :)



Good game! I wish enemies were nerfed a little, (maybe you could show where they're going to go next), but it was fun.

Nice idea! I wish there was more variety in enemy combat (avoiding them is almost always the best idea), but it was a good entry overall.


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Great game. Reminds me of a few lcd games I used to play as a kid. I hope more people make lcd games!

Really cool game! first, it's simple. then, you learn about all the crazy things you can do. Well done.

I'll give you the trick, but to prevent spoilers for others, I'm putting this through a caesar cipher (shifted 7 forward):

pm aol zuhrl pz jvtwslalsf zayhpnoa, fvb jhu nv ihjrdhykz. pm fvb nv ihjrdhykz, fvb jhu hszv wbzo isvjrz.

I’m not sure about it being exclusively beneficial to the industry (it costs developers to get their games rate), but I still see your point. Many parents don’t care about the ESRB ratings. But what are we supposed to do? Make the rating obnoxiously large on the box? Forbid the child from purchasing it? (Supreme Court ruled that you can’t).

Also, come to think of it, I’m not sure that the ESRB’s content ratings are the best. They give games with full frontal nudity a 17+ rating (not 18 plus, because that would be bad for marketing I guess), and lump them in the same category as “games with just a bit too much blood in them.”

This is pretty great!

That seems about right.



Gender gets assigned randomly. “Him” shouldn’t be there, that’s my mistake.

As for the grammar.txt, it’s in the source files. I guess you could find it in the “network” tab of inspect element? Let me know if you still need help.

I’ve never gotten that one before. Interesting.

Yes, but it doesn't seem to work. You can try enabling reader view, or pinch to zoom out.

This is really great!

This was awesome. It takes way too long to search for solutions in the later levels when you need lots of variables, but other than that, this was a very, very fun game.

Thanks for the kind words!


This is cool.

This was a pretty good game!


Thanks for the feedback.


This is really great :)

Don't feel bad because your game doesn't end :)

I liked the idea, but the controls seemed a bit weird. Maybe you could have the shield always point towards your mouse pointer?


This was pretty funny.

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This was pretty awesome. This whole time, the game taught you to fire lots of missiles, and yet the way to win is to NOT fire missles!


Thank you!


I don’t think the ESRB is a failed system. It isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough at conveying what it needs to.  And if the content desctiptors aren’t enough, the ESRB provides a description for everything it rates.

While the whole number ranking concept seems novel, I don’t think it really helps the player in deciding if they should play a game. If I told you that some game had a score of 39, could you make a judgment off of that alone? The content descriptors are a good idea though.

I'm glad you're finally doing this!

I think you missed a few content descriptors, like:

  • Alcohol/Tobacco reference/usage (kinda fits in with drug reference/usage)
  • Blood/gore (kinda separate from violence?)
  • Language/profanity
  • Horror themes (for scary games)

It might also be a good idea to have users come up with their own content descriptors and explain their content in depth. E.G: if the creator selects "Alcohol Usage," they could write "contains a scene with two adults responsibly consuming alcohol."

Also, alcohol should be separate from drugs, since those two have different connotations .

Those are my thoughts.  I'd like to know what you all think!