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Really gun! I hope the movement speed gets increased a bit, more weapons get added, multiplayer gets added, and there's more sounds for movement and stuff, but other than that, really good!

i wish this game had more air control it's so hard 😭😭😭😭

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i love it! its very cool! can you add in play by steam invite? me and haid couldnt find each other in the session browser

The game used to charge the arrow shot when you held LMB but I decided to change it and I like the auto shot better. I might put in an option to revert back to the old behavior

oh whoops

This is super barebones. The bow needs to be reworked, there needs to be a round system, and there needs to be a merchant added in, but I ran out of time. Try it out nonetheless

Cool game! I like the idea a lot but I feel like the execution needs some work. The biggest issue I had with it was not being able to find the enemies when they were shooting at me. I could hear them shooting but since the sound isn't spatialized or attenuated I can't tell where it's coming from. And I don't like how little feedback there was with shooting the 2d terrorists, it was very hard to tell if i was damaging them or not. I also don't like the head bobbing when the player walks, and I don't like how shooting makes your head pop up immediately.  Even with all this criticism, I still really liked the game though! It's very stylish and fun.

I can't tell if i'm playing the game wrong, but if the objective of the game is to kill every animal then it seems too easy

Cool concept but man does it hurt my ears

I really like these types of games. Playing this game reminded me of this maplestory archer game I used to play as a kid:

March of the Slime King feels off to me compared to this maplestory flash game though. I don't like how much time you have to wait between shots, and I find it very hard to predict where shots will land in this game.

This was really good and infuriating (in a good way!). A reset button would be good and a way to visualize where stuff is on the other player's screen might be helpful too

That is a good idea! We should've put the port in the description. Also, i will try your game!

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The meter at the top of the screen is your torch meter, and when your torch goes out, your head explodes. I'm not sure if this is explained anywhere lol. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! It is very rudimentary right now but we plan on adding an economy, a society, and NPCs and stuff. Stay tuned!

Try deleting ur save file, it's either in:

or its in the folder where you installed the game to

a psychological tour de france

oh yeah sorry about that! i started out the project with the name "Whatever" and i havent bothered to change it

I think SteamVR is enabled by default for all projects and you have to explicitly disable it, its annoying

Try running the redistributables setup in "Cactus\WindowsNoEditor\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe

There can only be one cactus

hell yeah brother

I've been doing a ton of programming rewrites so the game is kinda in a similar state to the last demo day in terms of gameplay. I.E. there is new stuff, but there isn't really much new gameplay.

Really good! I think there should be a radial menu for selecting weapons or something, also the ammo scarcity is really punishing

It seems like this is an issue with UE4's engine code and it won't be fixed until the next UE4 hotfix/release.

You should be able to jump while sprinting. Sprint with left shift and jump with spacebar on KBM. On controller, sprint with left bumper and jump with the A button.

Try out downloading and installing the UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe and see if that fixes it.

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What's ur specs? Did u install the prereqs? Hit me up with an email if u want:

Thank you for playing and sending feedback 😎👍

In the next version some of these issues will be fixed....

This game is fantastic! I wrote down some nitpicks tho:

  • Analog movement needs to be a thing so that I can pick up stuff easier
  • Sometimes the white block enemies can blend in with the background
  • The enemy tracking is kinda annoying, it sucks when you strafe them and then they just lock on to you right away
  • The autoaim? is kinda annoying. I will aim at a group of enemies then get locked on to the closest block instead