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Epic Adventures

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v1.1: Added end game achievements. Made some minor formatting corrections. 

Please post here if there is anything that is confusing or requires editing. Feel free to offer suggestions or share your own custom rules/additions as well.  Have fun adventuring! 

As requested by my daughter, the next adventure will be Knights vs Dragons (with a surprise twist). After that I will be doing either pirates or space adventure. Feel free to leave suggestions.

yup, downloaded with new cover

wow, cover looks slick

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Kept getting random fatal error in middle of demo:

"Unable to find any instance for object index '47' name 'obj_player'

at gml_Script_doInputs"

although, I am running it on a 32 bit system at the moment, so that may be part of it.

I wasn't sure about this one at first, but I quickly became entrenched in the demo. The combat system is innovative and actually FUN, plus the chance to customize with supports (but also just with your stack choices). I found the dodge/shield against enemy attacks to be both fun and challenging. The story is well written (understandable english!) , the characters are likeable. and the setting is imaginative. Definitely a game to  check out ;)

If I could make a reccomendation, a save feature would be handy for folks like me (I have a toddler, so my personal time is about 5 mins long). Maybe just a Load on the first page with a Save in the main areas?

I really like this game, its haunting poetics combined with the enigmatic symbols creates a melancholy story pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle of...darn, I lost it. Good game though.

I broke those lanterns and was like "now what?...oh..." I saw that crack in his head and was like "HYAH! LEAP OF JUSTICE!"

In a similar vein as other space-faring small crew scavenger/smuggler/treasure hunter tales, with the addition of advanced alien technology (mech-warrior type A.I. Units called “Metals”). Just reading the first half of the free preview I could tell this was something I'd be interested in.

The writing style is very poetic/romantic, but also very fast paced because of the mini-paragraph style. I wasn't sure if I would like the short paragraph style at first, but it adds to both the speed and intensity of the story.

I will update this review once I finish the book.

Oh noes, he dead.