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Epic Adventures

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yup, downloaded with new cover

wow, cover looks slick

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Kept getting random fatal error in middle of demo:

"Unable to find any instance for object index '47' name 'obj_player'

at gml_Script_doInputs"

although, I am running it on a 32 bit system at the moment, so that may be part of it.

I wasn't sure about this one at first, but I quickly became entrenched in the demo. The combat system is innovative and actually FUN, plus the chance to customize with supports (but also just with your stack choices). I found the dodge/shield against enemy attacks to be both fun and challenging. The story is well written (understandable english!) , the characters are likeable. and the setting is imaginative. Definitely a game to  check out ;)

If I could make a reccomendation, a save feature would be handy for folks like me (I have a toddler, so my personal time is about 5 mins long). Maybe just a Load on the first page with a Save in the main areas?

I really like this game, its haunting poetics combined with the enigmatic symbols creates a melancholy story pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle of...darn, I lost it. Good game though.

I broke those lanterns and was like "now what?...oh..." I saw that crack in his head and was like "HYAH! LEAP OF JUSTICE!"

In a similar vein as other space-faring small crew scavenger/smuggler/treasure hunter tales, with the addition of advanced alien technology (mech-warrior type A.I. Units called “Metals”). Just reading the first half of the free preview I could tell this was something I'd be interested in.

The writing style is very poetic/romantic, but also very fast paced because of the mini-paragraph style. I wasn't sure if I would like the short paragraph style at first, but it adds to both the speed and intensity of the story.

I will update this review once I finish the book.

Oh noes, he dead.