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It's been like, months since I last played this and I still think of it with so much fondness from time to time. This felt so hopeful and I love how the way the characters were written felt human instead of having their LGBTQIA+ identity as their only identity. Also, the art was so cute!!!

Thank you so much for this <3.

Thank you for putting this out <3

This was so cute!!! I also love the sapphic poly rep <33

It was all so cute and wholesome I loved all the routes except the ones where one got neglected :((. 

The writing was so good that making the choices to go that route and seeing it unfold made me feel really sad and guilty. I swear, while watching the confrontation all that was running in my mind was, "omggg I just ruined a great friendship why did I do this :((" so great job!!