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Yeah sorry my pc bricked before I could finish the game.

I'm a little late but I made it!

Lovely game

Great game, well done m8. Kodos on the coding

Great game

Lovely stuff. Great already, but my suggestion would be to chosse a sigil style as well (linear, round, random, etc.), however the randomness helps with creativity, so take that as you will.

Thank you! There is the score that doesn't reset though.

Thanks, that means a lot!


Really loved playing it. My pc had a hard time running it, but it was still so fun.

Thank you, that means so muc.

Thanks! If it makes any sense, briefly it's since planting takes time (lack of anim sorry), and mechanically to demotivate spamming small carrots.

Pretty cool game


Thanks m8, hope you enjoyed it. I agree it's not very polished tho.

That's fantastic man, hope you enjoyed it!

Great stuff.

Oh thanks. I'm an idiot.

Very nicely done. Can I suggest a volume slider? O r even volume setting that just uses an integer?

The disc link is gone.

Great game. Starting resolution is a bit big for my browser but fullscreen solved that.

Oh, I mean as a new contestant.

S-JIDK Jam community · Created a new topic Inviting people.

Can I invite friends and if so how?


Could someone from the developers please notice this:

I ask you to please make an rpm file version as this does not function on fedora 31, linux.