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I had to shut off the matrix bridge because of spam. But ##panda3d on libera is bridged. Otherwise it'll have to be the discord.

Of course. I hope I can keep doing this even after I become a really old person. Also, we miss you! Please come back to the temple! 

You're right that it's currently way too easy to avoid combat all together. I tried to err on easy but overshot it a bit. I have some fixes lined up that will make it impossible to disconnect without losing gathered data, unless you return to the start. This should spruce things up considerably. Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback and giving my game an honest go!

Wow, thank you so much for the in-depth (and quite flattering) review. There's enemies but you've buffed up your Tracker so quickly enemies didn't even see you. This and some of your other comments are taken into account with the upcoming patch. Again, thanks!

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Dang, I thought I squashed that bug. For some reason leaving a data-room without gathering data sometimes (rarely) pushes you off-track but the camera position stays behind.  Bugfix imminent! Thank you so much for playing.

Fun fact: I couldn't actually figure out how to display a description using my system without pausing the menu each time you changed the selection. Perhaps figuring out what does what is part of the fun? Probably not. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I think I know why you crashed and I have a fix for this to release soon!

Aaw shucks. Bless your heart.

The ceiling tiles started as a bug but I left in an improved version because I thought it looked interesting. Thanks for playing!

Finding the entrance is part of the puzzle. Windows are great.

Oh snap, you're right! Noted, and thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks, that means a lot!