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Created the Discord channel. See the description above for the link. 😉

You raise a very good point. I think a discord is definitely something that can be set-up way faster. Let me look into that and I'll probably have something ready in a few days.

Will comment here and probably update some info description when ready.

In the mean time, if you have any questions, ask away here. :)

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Hi there!

Thank you kindly for your interest in this!

Yes, the forum is disabled for now. I got A LOT of spam on it, need to implement a better and nicer forum.

The reason for which I didn't yet do that is because I am on a deadline for a rather big update for Continuum. Added quite a few important things and I expect it to be released in a couple of weeks.

Actually I am now working on updating documentation and preparing the video.

Keep close. 😉

Hello again!

Here is yet another update on the Continuum 93 and Continuum Tools debugger.

In a nutshell:

  • A very much improved debugger, also written with MonoGame;

  • new OS for Continuum written directly in the assembly language of this machine;

  • new way of programming with VS Code and the code can be split over different files;

  • improved CPU, logging and a bunch of others along with sample programs.

Next step would be to actually add some sound to it before porting it to other platforms.

Here’s also a presentation video for this update:


Hey everyone and Merry Christmas to you all!

This is just to let you know I've now released my first version of Continuum 93, a retro "machine" which is now available on Windows but will slowly migrate onto some microcontrollers later on and eventually might even get its own hardware.

Pretty excited about it, I did rush a bit to release it just before Christmas, but I very much welcome all critique as well.

Continuum 93

Enjoy it!

Best regards!

Enthusiast guy

Hi there!

Your work is brilliant, really excited about this. I would really like to integrate parts of it in my game as it is exactly what I need. I tried to privately write to you here, but I cannot find how. Can you look me up on YouTube and send me an e-mail I can write to you on? I wish to properly credit you and if you would like, show you how I plan on using your work. And, maybe, generally keep you close, I really like your eye for pixel art and maybe we can do some business collaboration in the future.


Enthusiast Guy