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Thanks, I didn't want it to be too hard for a game jam. But futurewise it would be easy to change this because I made all values exports to be easily changed.

Thanks for your kind words

Nice concept, I really like how you highlight the Character, even if it's hidden by the wall.

Nice idea and game, the controls need some optimization in my opinion, like the jump.
But in all very polished and nice death animation :D

Pretty cool idea until the bug. The UI is not right with Full Screen on Ultrawide, "quit" is half cut of the bottom screen. But had fun to play it, could be a good game with some additional work after the Jam. Maybe some timer to get the fastest way and stuff added.

Nice game idea and nice music. 
I had no idea what to do with the planets first, a pop-up or sound cue or something like that would help. Maybe something like found 1/3.

You can run out of borders, enemies can't, I'm too afraid to go back :D. Enemies are faster than you, which makes it kind of hard if all run towards me. But interesting idea.

Very interesting idea of combat system, I was not able to master it in my short play through, did not encounter any bugs.
Could be a cool "Souls Like"

Very nice concept and gameplay. I encountered a bug where my "money" didn't add up and I could not buy rockets or shoot them. Can't really say why.

I like the Cutscene in the beginning, I hope the story is not based on a real story :D
Sounds and Music would add a lot. It is hard to fight to the left side, because if you don't press the key, it resets instantly to the right side.
Keep up the work.

Nice Concept, a little bit laggy without the polishing but a nice idea!

your game looks pretty cool, will definitely have a look at it.

yeah, in the short time i was not able to come up with an good idea for a small game, so i just finished a little prototype with the things i worked out

Bis Wave 8 geschafft. Bin ich jetzt eine Legende?

Just bought the Premium Pack, will make a little game with it. Keep up the Good work.

Danke dir für die ausführliche Antwort.

Zu den Fragen habe ich natürlich eine Antwort.

1. Die Punkte werden rein durch die genutzte Zeit und die erbeuteten Blumen errechnet, die Achievements haben auf die Punktezahl keinen Einfluss. (War mir einfach zu viel Mühe, das irgendwie zu balancen. (10000 - Zeit) * Blumen, wobei die Zeit hintereinander in Sekunden.Millisekunden angegeben ist, bei 01:00:227 also 60.227.

2. Alle nackten Gegner haben weniger Leben als die Soldaten im selben Level, kriegen aber auch pro Level ein bisschen mehr Leben. Nackte mit Schwert sind stärker als Nackte ohne Schwert :D